Sunday, June 3, 2012

ASIA-PACIFIC Sprint Contest
                   ASIA-PACIFIC Sprint Contest          (revised November 2010
                  =============================          updated February 2012)

The Asia-Pacific Sprint Contest Committee would like to announce the latest
running of this spectacular radiosporting event - note changes in the rules:
    For stations outside the Asia-Pacific region to work as many Asia-Pacific 
  stations as possible within the 2 hour time limit.
    For stations inside the Asia-Pacific region to work as many stations as 
  possible, anywhere in the world, within the 2 hour time limit.
  (A complete list of the Asia-Pacific countries is defined below)
1  For each contest, certificates will be awarded to the top three winners in 
the Asia-Pacific Region, and the winner of each continent outside the 
Asia-Pacific region.  Winners must have at least 5 QSO's in the log to be 
eligible for this award.
2  At the end of each calendar year, an official AP Sprint Plaque will be 
awarded to the top three winners in the Asia-Pacific Region, and the winner 
of each continent outside the Asia-Pacific region.  The winners are 
determined by summing the ranking of the 3 sprints of the same calendar year. 
The winners must participate all 3 sprints of the year to be eligible for 
this prize.  This prize is sponsored by CQ Ham radio (Japan).
- Example: If one's results for the 3 sprints of the same calendar year were 
  2nd, 5th and 1st, then his/her points for the year would be 8 (=2+5+1).  
  The one with the least point would be the winner.
- This prize is not awarded to a station, but to an operator.  An individual
  who operated more than one station in the same region in the same calendar
  year is eligible for this prize.  Conversely, a station operated by 
  different operators in the same calendar year is not eligible for this 
Date/Time/Bands/Mode: 9 June 2012 / 1100-1300 UTC / 15m & 20m / SSB
 Mark your calendar now - future Asia-Pacific Sprints will be held:
 Fall   (15m/20m CW)  - 3rd Sunday of October    (21 Oct. 2012) 0000-0200 UTC
 Spring (20m/40m CW)  - 2nd Saturday of February ( 9 Feb. 2013) 1100-1300 UTC
 Summer (15m/20m SSB) - 2nd Saturday of June     ( 8 June 2013) 1100-1300 UTC
Suggested frequencies: 
  CW  - 15m: 21030-21050, 20m: 14030-14050, 40m: 7015-7040 kHz
  SSB - 15m: 21350-21380, 20m: 14250-14280 kHz
Power limit:
  Stations in Asia-Pacific region - 150W output
  Stations outside Asia-Pacific region - legal limit in each country
Entry categories: Single operator, Single radio only
- SO2R type of operation is not allowed (use of 2nd transmitter is not
  allowed).  Use of 2nd receiver (separate or built-in) is allowed.
Contest exchange: RS/RST + Serial number beginning with 001

Duplicate contacts: Same station may be worked only once on the per band
Multipliers: Prefixes per WPX rules (once only - not once per band)
QSY rule: 
  CW  - called station (usually CQer) QSYs at least 1 kHz after a QSO
  SSB - called station (usually CQer) QSYs at least 6 kHz after a QSO
Final Score: Number of QSOs x Multipliers
Asia-Pacific countries for this contest:
  (coutries from Asia side PacificRim to 180 degrees longitude):
3D2(all), 4W, 1S/9M0, 9M2, 9M6/8, 9V, BV, BV9, BY, BS, C2, DU, FK(all), 
FW, H4(all), HL, HS, JA, JD1/Ogasawara, JD1/Marcus, KH2, KH9, KH0, P29, 
T2, T30, T33, T8, UA0(not UA9) , V6, V7, V85, VK1-9(all except VK9X & 
VK9Y), VR, XU, XV/3W, XX9, YB, YJ, ZL(all except Chatham & Kermadec)

Results will be posted to:
  CQ Ham Radio
Log Instruction:
  Only electronic logs sent by email are accepted.
  All entries must contain complete QSO information plus a summary indicating 
your claimed score.  Each QSO information must include band, date, time, 
callsign, sent nr and received nr.  If any of those are not shown in the log, 
it will be checklog.  The operator's callsign and name has to be indicated if 
the operator is different than of the owner of the station used or if the 
station used is not owned by an individual.  Entries without a summary may be 
treated as a checklog.   (The summary contained in the Cabrillo log satisfies 
this requirement)
   Electronic logs in Cabrillo format are strongly recommended.  In any case,
the log & summary must be in ASCII format (no binary files nor non-English 
characters, please).  The file name of the electronic log must be your 
callsign.  (For example, 9V1YC.CBR for Cabrillo log)   The electronic log 
file must be attached to the email.
  The subject of the email must contain your callsign.
Entry deadline:
  7 days after end of contest
Cabrillo QSO template for AP Sprint
                              --------info sent------- -------info rcvd------
QSO: freq  mo date       time call          rst exch   call          rst exch
QSO: ***** ** yyyy-mm-dd nnnn ************* nnn ****** ************* nnn ******
QSO:  7019 CW 1999-02-13 1231 9V1YC         599 001    VR2BG         599 002
(exact frequency does not have to be logged if your radio is not connected to
your PC  ie. 7000 for 40m, 14000 for 20m and 21000 for 15m is OK)

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