Amateur Radio Stamps (Oldies never Die)

1991.10.06 Indonesia IARU Reg3 FDC
ORARI First Day Cover (FDC) issued on 1991

I am amazed with this First Day Cover (FDC) of Amateur Radio theme issued on 1991, because of the ORARI logo. You already know that ORARI Indonesian Amateur Radio Organization was founded on July 9, 1968, but i never seen any public items related with ORARI except this FDC and their stamps. Have you seen these one before?

2010.12.26 QARS stamp
a stamp issued for present Qatar Amateur Radio Society (QARS)

Are you still familiar with these tiny items which is should put on the envelope? Yes, you are correct. Stamps are yet still existing today, not so much as past 20 or 30 years ago but some people are looking for stamps to send a letter or postcard (or an amateur radio QSL Card). Not so fancy as LOTW and eQSL, huh? Well, for some reason the stamps are practically needed and collected as a valuable item which been sold between the Collectors.

Royal Navy during WW2 on Pasific Solomon Island

The Stamps within a historical picture of two Royal Navy British soldiers on Pasific Salomon Islands, during WW II. They were using radio communication equipment to support the action. For me it is absolutely a legend and full of stories to remember. Do you think it is necessary for young generation to know it? How many of them knew about the Stamps, Amateur Radio or even the Radio Communication itself?

SEANET2014 Cover

I am a lucky generation who knew them all together.. the Oldies never Dies.

Happy 48th Anniversary ORARI!


Irsan – YC0OST