Congratulation YB land Contester @CQWW SSB 2016

On behalf YB Land DX Club (YBDXC) HQ, we would like to say Congratulation and Big appreciation for dear fellow YB land DXers and Contesters for their participation and achievement during CQWW SSB World DX Contest 2016.

It was an excellent and honorable moment for Indonesian contester, instead so many new amateur radio rookies joined and fighting on this prestigious contest. From raw score and logsheets submitted as noted totally 167 contesters from Indonesia, increasingly 30 percent from last year as recorded as only 123 logsheets. Awesome guys!

Therefore, we are welcoming you to the land of DXing and keep your hard work as well as you can for earn so much experience and pleasure. Bring the Nation into the Fame and hopefully become the Contest Winner.

73 Great DX!

Djoko Marjono Susilo – YB1TJ

President of YB Land DX Club