YB16T Special Call of 16th Anniversary of Banten Province


YB16T Special Call of 16th Anniversary of Banten Province, Indonesia is currently running until Sunday November 20, 2016. QRV mostly with Phone/SSB and CW mode on 40m, 20m, 15m, 10m band and FM mode with Satellite IO-086

The ORARI Region Banten Team came to Panjang Island, Banten since yesterday morning with a mission to celebrating the anniversary of Banten Province and promoting some Island in Banten region.










Send your Qsl card after your call YB16T and please take a look at their website on www.qrz.com/db/yb16t.

DX Station please forward your mail to QSL Manager HA3JB. Otherwise, YB Land Station please send your QSL card DIRECT to:


Jln. ORARI No. 4. Kelunjukan, Ling Kemuning, Lingkar Selatan, Serang, Banten 42116 – INDONESIA.

Several member of YBDXC such as President of the Club, Djoko Marjono Susilo – YB1TJ, Har – YB0MWM, Tia Atiah – YB1TIA (YL CWer specialist) joined the YB16T and already took some big pile-up last night. One more day ahead. 

PF YB16T and Success for your event, Good luck 73 guys!

Irsan – YC0OST