Things after DX and Contesting …

Well, mostly DX friends or Amateur Radio who likes DX-ing or Contesting should do several things after they’ve finished sent out their logs or submit online through the web. First thing first, you must prepare some proper paper QSL cards, QSO database and stamps. Old style isn’t it? Yes you can name it. But i think it is a basic procedure after you did some contacts with other amateur radio stations, either they were DX stations or your local stations. If you are using QSL Manager, maybe you need no worry so much as other will. But, for a beginner in DX-ing, some useful information for assist your QSL-ing process should be a valuable one.

For example, YC0QR made some valid contacts with DX stations: K3RA, OH0X, T88OM and CO8LY. He needs some confirmation through QSL cards, so what should he prepare first? Here are some simple steps to be follow as usual:

1. Check their call sign on popular international HAM Amateur Radio database (perhaps Find out their QSL-ing method on their web account on, either they have their own QSL Manager (so you must contact their e-mail or search them on separate), or they usually did at their own way. You probably know if you are do basic QSL-ing with Post Mail then you will need your QSL card, envelope and stamps as much as you need to send the card to overseas.

2. Do not forget to check if they said they’re preferring SASE (Stamped Address Send Envelope : please read other article on this website) or OQRS (you won’t send your card but you must transfer some money to their bank account usually with Pay Pal method then they will send theirs to you) or a casual way (you will send yours then they will reply back, they will not accept any Green Stampsplease read other article on this website).

3. On other side of currently advancing technology, some QSL confirmation could be done with LoTW (Logbook of The World), which was well-managed and supported by American Radio Relay League (ARRL). Most HAM friends also using the Electronic QSL (eQSL), because it is free of charge. Otherwise, if you need to get some features, you should pay less donation (Bronze minimum US$12) . The details you could see on their website

4. If everything all set, you will send your cards away to them or maybe you won’t do anything just only pay or transfer some bucks, because of some reason mentioned above (OQRS). But, for some reason there were a lot of friends still needs QSL cards for one of the requirement to go for upgrading their license. In any cases, a lot of DX stations also sent their QSL cards through the Bureau and confirmed the LoTW or eQSL as well.

5. Properly check your logging system for incoming and outgoing QSL cards, for any bands or mode, maybe some DX stations might take long time to reply, you may ask him/her via e-mail or directly to the QSL Manager (if available) or other media (social media?). Please make sure you replied all the QSL cards already and do not let anybody took a long time for waiting yours!

Especially for Special Call Team or IOTA Expeditions, too many IOTA hunters or Awards hunter chasing your way, please answering and replying QSL cards. Many appreciate for someone or the team whom were already did the great job for QSL-ing, you are the great example for others! Thank you so much for did it all. I will always encouraging my Indonesian amateur radio friends who likes DX-ing or for a simple way after joined local contest to make sure they will answering QSL cards. Surely it takes times, so please be patient as well as replying QSL cards came from Bureau. Hi hi.

Have a Great New Year!

73 from YC0OST