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Januari, 2014

  • 15 Januari

    OC-219 Tukang Besi Islands aka Wakatobi Islands

    http://www.yf1ar.com/2014/01/oc-219-tukang-besi-islands-aka-wakatobi_15.htmlOC-219 Tukang Besi Islands aka Wakatobi Islands YF1AR/8 and YB3MM/8 ARLHS IDO-259 Wangiwangi LightHouseIOTA OC-219 Wangiwangi IslandMarch 26/28 – April 2, 2014LAT: 05° 18′ S LON: 123° 23′ E  PI14sq CQ28 ITU54 Wakatobi is the name of an archipelago and regency located in an area of Sulawesi Tenggara Province (Southeast …

  • 7 Januari

    VK9X/K7CO MARCH 1-11 2014

    http://www.nielsen.net/vk9x/ VK9X/K7CO MARCH 1-11 2014 Announcing a DXpedition to Christmas Island March 1-11 2014. Activity will be on 10-80m using SSB, CW PSK31. QSL INFO Contact email is k7co@vk9x.com QSL Options are Direct or OQRS OQRS will be on If QSLing direct please include SAE and $2 (additional donations certainly …

  • 6 Januari

    Logger 32 Install by YB0NDT

    Logger 32 Install By: Karsono Suyanto – YBØNDT Salah satu logger yang saya gunakan untuk mengolah data-data QSO adalah Logger 32. Selain handal, logger 32 ini juga mudah di install pada Desktop dan Notebook. Logger 32 bisa di download secara gratis pada address: www.logger32.net, berikut ini tahapan-tahapan proses download, install, …

  • 6 Januari

    TY1TT, Benin DXpedition

    http://www.dxpedition.be/Benin.html 26 JANUARY 2014 – 5 FEBRUARY 2014 40/30/20/17/15/12/10 meter band CW – SSB – RTTY News: Plans :Arrive in the evening in Lomé,Togo, sat 25 feb.One night sleep in Abodagfro (Togo), one hour driving from Lomé.Sunday 26 january travel (2 hours) by taxi to Grand Popo (Benin), and set …

  • 4 Januari

    OC-177 Thousand Islands – Kepulauan Seribu

    http://www.yf1ar.com/2014/01/oc-177-thousand-islands-kepulauan-seribu.htmlOC-177 Thousand Islands – Kepulauan Seribu YF1AR/0ARLHS IDO-236 Payung Besar LightHouseIOTA OC-177 Payung Besar IslandJanuary 11-14, 2014LAT: 05° 48′ S LON: 106° 32′ E Gridsquare OI34geAntenna Vertical 43ft put on top of Lighthouse, 40m aslQRV  mainly nitetime 40m band and spare daytime 20m band Pulau Payung Besar LightHouse ARLHS IDO-236 …

  • 4 Januari

    VP2V DXpeditions

    VP2V DXpeditions http://www.vp2v.dxpeditions.org/ We believe that it is more important to give a new country to “small pistol” than to give an 8th band QSO to a “big gun” station. By doing this, we hope to fulfill the demand for a “new one”, especially from stations located in Japan and …

  • 3 Januari

    CDXC DX Marathon Challenge

    http://www.cdxc.org.uk/CDXC_DX_Marathon_Challenge Announcing the CDXC DX Marathon Challenge Objectives:1. Promote continued DX activity by CDXC Members2. Recognize and reward excellence of continuous DX chasing by members3. Promote upload of logs by members to Club Log Scoring:1. The number of DXCCs worked in any calendar year, as recorded by Club Log entries2. …

  • 1 Januari

    K9W Story

    http://www.mdxc.org/12/k9w-story/#more-5368 K9W StoryDecember 30th, 2013 written by iz8ccw by: IZ7FLP Thanks: N2TU 1)First compulsory question: how did you get the necessary permissions to organize a so important dx-pedition from one of the most wanted entities in the Pacific Ocean ? Being rather naïve at this DXpeditioning game, I asked around and …

Desember, 2013

  • 4 Desember

    OC-272 Kisar Island – NEW IOTA

    http://www.yf1ar.com/2013/12/kisar-island-oc-272-new-iota.html YF1AR/8 and YB4IR/8meanwhile YB8XM/p postponed due to new assignment  OC-272 Kisar Island – NEW IOTA   Desember 21-25, 2013  127’18” E 8’06″S  PI31nw CQ28 ITU54 outer island as “wawasan nusantara” http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daftar_pulau_terluar_Indonesia   1783 Emmanuel Church  Old Dutch Fort Tanjung Tutunmahin (Pulau Kisar) 2004. Active; focal plane 90 m (295 ft); white flash …

November, 2013