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Oktober, 2013

  • 31 Oktober

    YF1AR/4 OC-262 Sebesi Island

    http://www.yf1ar.com/2013/10/yf1ar4-oc-262-sebesi-island.html IOTA OC-262 Sebesi IslandYF1AR/4 OC-262 Sebesi IslandNovember 2-5, 2013LAT: 05° 58′ S LON: 105° 27′ E Grid-OI24ra CQ-28 ITU-54 Sebesi (also Sebeezee, or ‘Bleezie’) is an Indonesian island in the Sunda Strait, between Java and Sumatra. It rises to a height of 844 metres (2,769 ft) and lies about 12 …

  • 21 Oktober

    VK9MT, Mellish Reef

    http://www.vk9mt.com/ Mellish ReefCQ Zone: 30IOTA: OC-072Locator: QH72woOf all the reefs in the Coral Sea that fall under Australian jurisdiction Mellish Reef is the most distant, being located approximately 1150km NNE of Brisbane the capital city of Queensland, 1080km East of Cairns, and 1100km West of Port Vila the capital of …

  • 17 Oktober

    VK5CE/4 DXpedition to OC-255

    http://oc255.blogspot.co.uk/ On the air very soon Hi everyone I’m hot, tired, dehydrated (despite drinking many litres of water), sweaty and dirty….. but the campsite is now up and it’s just gone sunset here. I’ll be 14260 by 0915 UTC. I’m just running 100w tonight to run the generator in 73s …

  • 17 Oktober

    Benin DXpedition 2013

    http://dxpedition.be/Benin.html News (10 oktober/2013) :Plans are; shortly after i arrive in Togo 19/nov/2013, i go to Benin by taxi+guide to collect my TY1 callsign papers, wich seems to be ready. One problem is that the ATRPT did not want to give the license and callsign papers to my African contact …

  • 11 Oktober

    Payung Besar, OC-177 IDO-236

    http://www.yf1ar.com/2013/10/payung-besar-island-oc-177-ido-236.htmlOC-177 Thousand Islands – Kepulauan Seribu YF1AR/0ARLHS IDO-236 Payung Besar LightHouseIOTA OC-177 Payung Besar IslandOctober 12-15, 2013LAT: 05° 48′ S LON: 106° 32′ E Gridsquare OI34ge Pulau Payung Besar LightHouse ARLHS IDO-236 Pulau Payung Besar (Big Umbrella Island) (2) Date unknown (station established 1890). Active; focal plane 32 m (105 …

  • 9 Oktober

    OC-295 Sebatik Island – NEW IOTA for YB

    http://www.yf1ar.com/2013/09/oc-295-sebatik-island-new-iota-for-yb.htmlOC-295 Sebatik Island – NEW IOTA for YB IOTA OC-295 Sebatik Island YF1AR/7 and YB0AI/7October 23-28, 2013 including CQ WW Contest117’50” E 4’6″N  OJ84WC CQ28 ITU541. NEW IOTA by YB operator, never activated before 2. unique island, just small island with two countries, likewise papua,borneo, timor3. outer island as “wawasan nusantara” concept  http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daftar_pulau_terluar_Indonesia …