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The CQ WPX Awards Program

http://cq-amateur-radio.com/cq_awards/cq_wpx_awards/042208_cq_wpx_new_rules.pdf The CQ WPX Awards Program The CQ WPX Award recognizes the accomplishments of confirmed QSOs with the many prefixes used by amateurs throughout the world. Separate, distinctively marked certificates are available for SSB, CW, Digital (RTTY/PSK) and Mixed (CW, SSB/Phone, Digital). 1. Applications A. All applications for WPX certificates …

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Indonesia Awards

http://www.dxawards.com/DXAwardDir/iceland-ireland.htm INDONESIA Borobudur Award (BA) Issued for confirmed contacts with stations in the Central Part of Java (2nd call area) as follows: DX stations need 25 contacts; Indonesian stations need 50 stations, including all license class (YB/YE, YC/YF, YD/YG). Modes or bands may be mixed. SWL OK. Contacts after 7 …

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ARLHS Awards Program

http://arlhs.com/awards/awardprog-intro.html ARLHS Awards Program The complete booklet of the ARLHS Awards Program, including requirements and application forms for each award, is available in Adobe PDF format. It is free for download by clicking HERE. It is also available in a printed booklet of 32 pages for $25.00 USA currency. (NOTE: Price is …

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