THIS LISTING of ‘most wanted’ IOTA groups is provided for the benefit of intending DXpeditioners. It details for each such group, by continent, the percentage of participants on the central IOTA database who have it credited.
The information reflects the position as of 10 March 2011. It will change as cards are received and submitted for credit. At any time there will be operations that have only recently taken place, for which cards will not yet be in circulation. This explains why some groups are shown as having been worked by far fewer participants than expected, given the scale of the activity.
DXpeditioners should note that ‘rare’ groups, here defined as those which fewer than 15% of participants have credited to their IOTA scores, have been marked with a ‘#’ sign. For an operation from any of these groups validation data is required and will need to be sent to the IOTA Committee as soon as possible after the operation (see Section F.3 of the Rules).
Reference Group Name                         Prefix % Claimed
OC-217 Kangean Islands                              YB3 12.4
OC-250 Masalembu Islands                         YB3 14.3
OC-204 Enggano Island                                YB4 9.2
OC-108 Anambas Islands                             YB5 14.3
OC-109 Natuna Selatan Islands                     YB5 4.5
OC-122 Tambelan Islands                             YB5 4.8
OC-215 Mentawai Islands                            YB5 10.9
OC-166 Kalimantan’s Coastal Islands East YB7 12.5
OC-268 Laut Kecil Islands                           YB7 13.4
OC-076 Sula Islands                                     YB8 9.2
OC-145 Halmahera group                             YB8 12.7
OC-157 Banda Islands                                 YB8 7.7
OC-208 Banggai Islands                               YB8 9.0
OC-209 Talaud Islands                                 YB8 14.1
OC-219 Tukangbesi Islands                         YB8 6.1
OC-221 Kai Islands                                     YB8 14.9
OC-222 Obi Islands                                    YB8 12.2
OC-224 Tanimbar Islands                            YB8 12.3
OC-246 Leti and Sermata Islands                 YB8 9.0
OC-247 Sabalana and Tengah Islands        YB8 13.1
OC-249 Aru Islands                                    YB8 13.8
OC-271 Babar Islands                                 YB8 0.0
OC-272 Barat Daya Islands                         YB8 0.0
OC-273 Gorong and Watubela Islands        YB8 0.0
OC-274 Lucipara and Penyu Islands             YB8 0.0
OC-239 Irian Jaya’s Coastal Islands West YB9 13.9
OC-275 Irian Jaya’s Coastal Islands South YB9 0.0
OC-276 Mapia Islands                                 YB9 0.0