QST Digital Edition Launch Approaching

QST Digital Edition Launch Approaching
We are excited about being able to offer ARRL members access to a brand-new digital edition of QST. We expect to launch the digital edition on or about May 23. If you have checked the Notification box on your Member Profile, you will be notified by e-mail as soon as the digital edition becomes available. As a bonus, ARRL members will also have access to the digital archive – the digital editions beginning with the January 2012 issue.
Our thanks to those who have beta tested the digital edition. Your input has been invaluable as we have worked to improve and enhance the digital edition.
Wondering how to use digital QST?
Look below for some frequently asked questions about the NEW digital QST. We expect the January-June 2012 issues to be available to ARRL members by late May.
How do I access digital QST?
When the digital QST becomes available in late May, you can access digital QST a few different ways:
E-mail notification–You can sign up to get monthly email notifications when the latest issue of digital QST is released. Just check off the “Notification of monthly digital edition of QST” box in your ARRL website profile. 
QST Website–You can visit www.arrl.org/qst to get access to the latest issue of digital QST, as well as links to the digital archive beginning with the January 2012 issue. You can also access the print archives from 1915 through 2011.
Note: Members must have a valid ARRL website login to access the digital edition of QST and archived editions.
Can I opt-out of print QST?
Yes. If you only want to receive QST in a digital format, you may opt-out of receiving the printed copy by completing the opt-out form. 
Please keep in mind that choosing to opt-out of the print edition of QST is voluntary and will not result in a refund or reduction of ARRL membership dues. Any savings will be used to extend the ARRL’s reach in the areas of public service, education, advocacy, technology, and membership. Please also note that opting out of print will not change your member dues
Will the print edition of QST be discontinued?
No.  The print edition will continue to arrive in your mailbox. The digital addition is a new membership benefit offered at no additional cost to all ARRL members.
Will my member dues change?
Domestic membership dues will not change; International and Canadian members have the option of a digital only membership. See the Membership Levels page for more information.
In what format can I view digital QST?
The digital edition is an e-magazine  — a proprietary digital format produced by our publishing partner, Nxtbook Media. The link you receive in the monthly email will direct you to the browser based digital edition, with an option to download the file onto a desktop to view off-line (the off-line version is an Adobe AIR download).  Although the Digital QST is not yet downloadable onto tablets or smartphones, it can be viewed on tablets and smartphones with browser access.
Can I download the digital edition of QST and view it offline or save it to my computer?
Yes! The digital edition can be downloaded to a desktop or laptop computer to view at any time; however, it is not yet downloadable onto mobile devices. Just click the save icon on the top menu bar of the digital edition and you will be prompted to download the Adobe AIR format file onto your desktop. When you launch the file, you will be prompted to re-log in using your ARRL Website username and password. You will only be prompted to log in the first time you download an issue (for example, one time for March, one time for April, etc.). You must be connected to the Internet to download the issue and the first time you access the file.
Will digital QST be available on an app for my iPhone/iPad/tablet?
The digital edition of QST can be viewed on any device — laptop, desktop, or tablet — that has a browser. We are currently working on a dedicated digital QST app for iPhones/iPads.
What additional content can I expect in the digital edition of QST?
You can expect additional features such as video, audio, photo slideshows, and additional digital-only content. The icons that identify these features can be found on the table of contents page, “In This Issue,”  within the digital QST. The extra digital features vary month-to-month depending on the editorial needs of the magazine. Note: Your computer must be connected to the Internet to enjoy the video and audio features.
Can I share the digital edition?
You can share the digital edition of QST with other ARRL members only by clicking one of the social media links found on the top toolbar.  If the member is not logged in to the ARRL website, they will be prompted to do so. If the person you share the digital edition of QST with is not an ARRL member, they can either join ARRL to get the full benefits of digital QST or view a digital QST sample.
How will I be able to access the archive?
1. Digital Archive–Select the toolbox icon on the top toolbar for the digital edition archive link. The digital edition archive begins with January 2012. 
2. QST Archive (1915-2011) — Every issue of QST published from 1915-2011 will be accessible to ARRL members at the end of May:  http://www.arrl.org/arrl-periodicals-archive-search
You will also find a link to the archive at www.arrl.org/qst
Can blind readers access the digital edition of QST?
The new digital edition is not currently accessible with screen readers. QST is currently available through the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) in cassette format.
How do I remove the flipping sound or center shadow?
To remove the page flipping sound or center shadow:  
1. Click the toolbox icon on the right hand side of the toolbar on the top of the screen
2. This will open the “More Options” page
3. Under the “Book Features” menu on the top of the page click “User Settings” on the right hand side
4. Under the “Adjust the Nxtbook Settings” you can enable or disable the flipping sound or the center shadow
How can I print pages from the digital QST?
You can print pages from the digital edition of QST by selecting the print icon on the toolbar. Note:  Please print smaller ranges or individual pages to avoid a crash error. All pages will print with a watermark Copyright ARRL.
Who do I contact if I cannot access the digital edition of QST?
Please contact our member services team at circulation@arrl.org or call toll free 888-277-5289 M-F 8:00 AM-5:00 PM ET. For answers to more technical questions about digital QST, please visit the Nxtbook product support FAQs.