HAM RADIO, International Exhibition for Radio Amateurs


HAM RADIO: the leading European exhibition for the vibrant amateur radio scene

16,300 attendees at amateur radio exhibition in Friedrichshafen – Morse code technology highlighted among numerous attractions 
Friedrichshafen, Germany – Around 16,300 attendees from across the globe came to HAM RADIO 2011 to meet other amateur radio enthusiasts, exchange information, stock up on the latest products, and gain new impressions. The three-day exhibition featured new products from 184 exhibitors, a flea market with a variety of treasures to discover, and informative presentations. Numerous exhibitors indicated that they were pleased with the number of sales made during the exhibition. “The German Amateur Radio Club focuses on a given topic in detail every year, and is an important partner for the exhibition,” says Messe Friedrichshafen CEO Klaus Wellmann. This year, the 36th international amateur radio exhibition highlighted Morse code technologies through various attractions.
“With a constant turnout of exhibitors and 16,300 attendees from around the world, including countries such as Italy, England, Malaysia, Japan, Qatar and the United States, HAM RADIO has once again demonstrated its leading position in Europe,” says project manager Petra Rathgeber. “The amateur radio exhibition has an outstanding reputation throughout the international industry, which inspired us to work together with the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC) to develop an exciting supporting program featuring a high degree of technical expertise.” One of the top attractions for attendees was the balloon mission on Saturday. The 184 exhibitors on hand at the exhibition offered an overview of the market and attracted attention from amateur radio enthusiasts, and the flea market featuring 300 vendors was also a popular attraction.
“The top highlight for me this year was the Morse code competition,” says DARC spokeswoman Stephanie Heine. “The entire range of products was represented, from small Morse keys to large ones for knees. The fascination shown by the participants and observers demonstrated what this hobby is all about: having fun with building things and taking on the challenge of mastering Morse code.” Efforts to educate the next generation of amateur radio enthusiasts were also successful at HAM RADIO: 146 teachers who participated in the training session (last year there were 105 participants) were interested in including technical topics in their curriculum. The HAM RALLY attracted 124 children and young people (last year there were 101 attendees) who immersed themselves in the topic of amateur radio, gained insight into radioing and soldering, and learned how to transmit their own names in Morse code.
The next HAM RADIO will take place from June 22 to 24, 2012 in Friedrichshafen.
Morse code lives: 36th HAM RADIO puts the spotlight on telegraphy

2011 edition of the Amateur Radio Exhibition with courses and presentations on the topic of transmitting Morse code – Balloon mission on Saturday – Amateur radio station on board the zeppelin 
Transmitting from Lake Constance to the entire world: From Friday to Sunday, June 24-26, 2011, HAM RADIO offers an international platform for telegraphy and Morse code and a meeting place for amateur radio operators from around the world. The theme of the 36th edition of the Amateur Radio Exhibition is “Morse code lives,” putting this technology in the spotlight with everything from Morse code courses for beginners to presentations by telegraphy professionals. Approximately 180 exhibitors provide an overview of their current products. There will also be a Contest University to train amateur radio operators. On Saturday a balloon will be launched carrying an amateur radio transmitter, and it will be possible to establish radio contact with a zeppelin. The 62nd amateur radio conference at Lake Constance also features a comprehensive program of presentations.

In 2011, the 36th HAM RADIO will once again be held in conjunction with HAMtronic, and is the top European event in the sector. In three exhibition halls, amateur radio operators and electronics fans will find exhibitions of technology and equipment, with everything from measuring devices, antennas and electrical technology to hardware, software, electronics and accessories. “Market leaders like boger electronics, Hilberling, Icom Europe, Kenwood Electronics, hofi, Waters & Stanton, Wimo, YAESU, Luso and Conrad Electronic will be on hand along with large and small retailers, hobbyists and inventors,” says project manager Petra Rathgeber. “At the HAM flea market, which extends across two exhibition halls, tinkerers and hobbyists will find second-hand accessories and replacement parts along with affordable new goods that are no longer available on the market.” A total of approx. 180 exhibitors provide an overview of the latest technology and equipment.

DARC motto: Morse code lives
The German Amateur Radio Club (DARC) will be exhibiting in Foyer West under the motto Morse code lives: “Morse code is as indispensable as ever: Even today there is no other internationally functioning communications technology that works so effortlessly and requires so little energy,” says Stephanie Heine from DARC, the organization behind HAM RADIO. “Particularly in emergency situations, Morse code can save lives.” An exhibition in the Foyer West allows visitors to discover the fascination of Morse code. Furthermore, Morse code courses for beginners offer a playful opportunity to learn at least eight Morse signals, and there is a wealth of activities for telegraphing professionals. In October, the DARC chapter in Bielefeld, Germany will host the ninth High-Speed Telegraphy World Championship. An important aspect of the supporting program is the 62nd annual Lake Constance conference of DARC e.V., which features a wide range of presentations and meetings.

Balloon mission and radio contact with a zeppelin
On Saturday a weather balloon will be launched with an amateur radio transmitter and camera on board. During the entire flight, digital sensor data, position and voice information will be transmitted. A pursuit team on the ground will attempt to track the balloon and recover the payload undamaged. Radio contact with a zeppelin will be possible on Friday and Saturday when the airship takes off with an amateur radio station on board. Afterwards, all amateur radio operators will have an opportunity to make contact with the zeppelin and collect a coveted QSL card.

Radio contact for young people
Morse code, radio transmissions, soldering and tinkering: On Friday and Saturday, 24-25 June, young visitors between the ages of eight and 18 can log their first amateur radio sessions during the HAM-RALLYE. Children and young people can gain insights into amateur radio at countless stations in Rothaus Hall/A1. Participants will gather every morning at 10:00 a.m. at the promotional stage in Foyer West.

HAM campground on the open-air grounds
From 24 June to 26 June 2011, the HAM campgrounds offer up-and-coming young amateur radio operators far more than just overnight accommodation: The young radio enthusiasts can take part in an attractive supporting program and transmit to their heart’s delight at the club stations. Information and registration forms are available online at www.hamcamp.de. There are a limited number of spaces available and it costs €45 per night, including a parking spot, trade show admission fee and breakfast. All young people up to the age of 27 can participate.

Teacher training courses – amateur radio at schools
This is the fourth time that HAM RADIO offers continuing education activities for teachers from Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Switzerland. Under the motto “from amateur radio operators to engineers,” teachers learn in presentations and workshops how during natural science classes and technical instruction they can create practice-oriented approaches to electronics and information technology. The main topic this year is energy and communications – from the sun thanks to energy harvesting. The term “energy harvesting” refers to the generating of electricity from sources like ambient temperature, air currents, vibrations and electromagnetic fields. This usually involves tiny amounts of energy that, with the right equipment, can nevertheless be used as a source of electricity for electronic applications. Presentations will cover diverse principles and include simple relevant experiments. The continuing education program for teachers has been created by DARC e.V. in cooperation with the Working Group on Amateur Radio and Telecommunications in Schools (AATiS). Questions and registrations can be submitted by e-mail to schule@darc.de.

Contest University for beginners and professionals
Following last year’s successful event, the Contest University will be held once again within the scope of HAM RADIO in Friedrichshafen. This educational initiative aims to motivate beginners to engage in radio contests and help them build a solid knowledge base. In addition, amateur radio operators who love the thrill of radio competitions will gain further expertise and receive tips on how they can improve their performance at contests.

Opening hours
HAM RADIO is open on Friday and Saturday, 24-25 June 2011, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and on Sunday, 26 June, from 9:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. On Saturday, HAM-NIGHT will take place starting at 6:00 p.m. Daily passes cost €9.00 and the reduced admission fee is €6.50. Three-day passes are available for €17. Parking spaces for motor caravans are available at the East 2 parking lot, which provides direct access to the exhibition halls.

HAM RADIO invites amateur radio operators to a worldwide convention

Amateur Radio Exhibition 2010 with activities for young people and teachers – Contest University – Balloon mission on Saturday – DARC anniversary with a special exhibit commemorating 60 years of club history 
From Friday, 25 June until Sunday, 27 June 2010, HAM RADIO is the place to be for amateur radio operators from all over the world. For the first time as part of the international radio operator exhibition, there will be a Contest University dedicated to training beginners and professionals. Other featured events are HAM RALLYE, HAM CAMP and teacher training. The 35th annual HAM RADIO event also happens to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the founding of the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC). The 61st annual gathering on Lake Constance has something for everyone with over 40 speakers and 13 meetings. On Saturday, a balloon with a radio transmitter will be launched from the open-air grounds.

HAM RADIO is the premier event of its kind in Europe and is once again being held in concert with HAMtronic in 2010. In all, about 200 exhibitors from 29 countries will provide an overview of the latest technology and equipment. In four halls, amateur radio operators and electronics enthusiasts will be bombarded with ideas and will get plenty of opportunities to buy everything from antennas, electro- technology and measuring devices to hardware, software and electronics to peripherals and accessories. “As in past years, a lot of market leaders are returning to Friedrichshafen,” says project manager Thomas Grunewald. The HAM flea market is spread out over three halls, where enthusiasts and hobbyists can purchase exclusive, used accessories and spare parts from private individuals.

DARC celebrates its 60th anniversary
HAM RADIO is marked by DARC’s anniversary in 2010. The German Amateur Radio Club currently has 43,000 members and a 60-year history. Among other things, DARC will trace its history in Foyer West with an exhibit entitled “60 Years of DARC – Turning back the clock”. The 61st annual DARC convention on Lake Constance with over 40 presentations and 13 meetings is an important part of the overall program. “True to its motto, ‘By amateur operators for amateur operators’, the main purpose of the event is to promote dialogue and an exchange of ideas, as well as to share the joy of communication and technology,” says Stephanie Heine of DARC, the ideal sponsor of HAM RADIO. “One of the main topics is digital, wireless voice transmission. Four presentations deal specifically with this topic, for example, future developments and trends in D-STAR digital transmission, and monitoring and alert notification through D-STAR gateways.”

Contest University for beginners and professionals
For the first time in connection with HAM RADIO Friedrichshafen, there will be a Contest University, which is jointly sponsored by the DARC Committee for DX and HF Radiosport, the Bavarian Contest Club (BCC) and the Rhein Ruhr DX Association (RRDXA). The goal of this training is to infuse beginners with a passion for radiosport and help them build a solid knowledge base. The contest experience is designed to provide amateur radio operators with useful knowledge and suggestions to improve their skills. The Contest University consists of two blocks. The first, under the direction of Michael Höding, DL6MHW, will cover six topics for beginning and intermediate operators on Friday afternoon. In the second block on Saturday, Helmut Heint, DK6WL, will expand the contest forum to include topics for advanced contest operators.

Hands-on experience for young people
Sending Morse code, transmitting, soldering and tinkering – Over two days, young trade show visitors between the ages of eight and 18 will make their first foray into amateur radio at HAM-RALLYE. At the numerous stations in the Rothaus Halle/ A1, children and young people will experience first-hand that ham radio is more than just talking on the radio. “Radiotelegraphy, developing and building devices, exposure to the latest technology, satellite transmission, direction finding, expedition, athletic competition as well as emergency assistance are all part of this wide-ranging hobby,” says Stephanie Heine. The meeting point is the activity stage in Foyer West at 10 am.

HAM CAMP on the open-air grounds
From 25 – 27 June 2010, HAM CAMP will give up-and-coming radio operators more than just an overnight experience. A wonderful program is in store for the young radio operators, who will be able to practice their skills at the club stations to their hearts’ content. Information and application forms are available on the Internet at www.hamcamp.de. The number of slots is limited. The overnight stay costs 39 euros, which includes parking, admission to the trade show and breakfast. Anyone 27 years of age or younger may participate.

Teacher training – Amateur radio in the classroom
For the fourth year running, HAM RADIO will provide training for teachers from Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Switzerland. Under the motto, “From amateur operator to engineer”, educators can attend presentations and workshops to learn how to incorporate practical activities in electronics and information technology into their science and technology lessons. For instance, Michael Matthes and Jens Mundhenke will discuss opportunities for students and youth groups to participate in the European Balloon Project. DARC and Amateur Radio and Telecommunications in the Schools (AATiS) have teamed up to put together the teacher training. Please email inquiries and applications to schule@darc.de.

Balloon mission on Saturday
In keeping with the presentation by Michael Matthes, DL2SEK, on the European Balloon Project, two weather balloons with a radio transmitter and a camera on board will be launched on Saturday.
The project is being organized by a European team. The local Taubertal-Mitte club will be in charge of the first balloon and payload. A Polish team will launch the second balloon. The flight plan will be overseen by French ham radio operators. During the entire flight, digital sensor data, position and voice information will be transmitted. A pursuit team on the ground will try to track the balloon and recover the payload undamaged.

Opening hours
HAM RADIO is open from 9 am to 6 pm on Friday, 25 June and Saturday, 26 June 2010, and from 9 am to 3 pm on Sunday, 27 June. A day tickets are 8 euros, and discounted tickets are 6.50 euros. A 3-day badge is available for 15 euros. RV and camper parking is available in the east parking lot directly adjacent to the exhibition halls. Radio operators can set up their tents there.