Log4OM Logging Software


Log4OM Download [en]

Log4Om is a fast and simple software developed in C# for complete ham radio station management.
Some of the key functions are:
  • Interfaced with QRZ.COM e HAMQTH.COM for rapid search and QSO data enhancements (massive update supported).
  • Innovative graphic DX Cluster management, with SPOT real time view on world map and auto tuning of the radio with CAT support.
  • Super Cluster: An alternative cluster based on online data sent by users to HRDLog.net
  • MySQL support for large databases and multi operator operations.
  • CAT support for numerous radios, through HAMLIB.
  • Cluster integrated with propagation informations by HRDLog.net
  • ADIF import and ADIF / Excel (csv) / PDF export of log
  • Integrated with E-QSL, LOTW, ClubLog and HRDLog.net.
  • Fast and simple forms for help OM’s to write old good paper QSL with ease.
  • Complete log searching features, Log4Om enables the OM to update offline the QSO with updated informations.
  • Optimized for “paper to electronic” log conversion, with features that drammatically speeds up the speed of inserting QSO (auto-time functions with predefined QSO separations, automatically set timings for fast pile-up management)
  • Language selectable English and Italian
  • Complete label print feature
Download (last version 1.10.2)