D64K DXpedition, Comoros Islands (IOTA AF-007)


D64K DXpedition, Comoros Islands (IOTA AF-007)

We plan to QRV from 6 through 160 meters on CW, SSB and RTTY on different bands/modes starting around 18:00Z August 8th

Band Plan
We are also considering the possibility to be active on 60 meters. Any suggestion relating this new band is welcome, and can be done via email: support@d64k.net

D6 in the DXCC

D68C did a terrific job with 168.722 QSOs, but since 2001, other activities from Comoros Islands were not really relevant in terms of QSOs. This entity, since that year, had never stop climbing the chart. Moreover, actual surveys report, on the top part of the chart, several Entities recently activated by Major Dxpeditions.
Who become Dxer “after 2001” is looking for D64K!
Rank #68 on The Dx Magazine in the world-wide results of 2011
#57 EU | #62 AS | #50 NA | #27 AF,OC,SA
Rank #49 on Clublog in the world-wide results of Feb. 2011
#69 EU | #42 AS | #49 NA | #28 SA
QSL info

General information
Please check the log online and wait for the end of the dxpedition before sending your QSL card request.
The contribution for a QSL cards request via OQRS is 5 USD. All the request via OQRS will be answered as soon as the QSL cards will arrive from the printer service. All the QSOs for OQRS requests will be confirmed on LOTW on weekly basis.
OQRS is our favorite way to confirm QSOs: it is safe and quick and it is very easy to manage.
Direct QSL
You can send your request of QSL with a SAE and the standard contribution for the reply. For standard contribution is better to explain what we are taling about beacuse the price for the stamps were increased recently in Italy.
For a standard contribution we request:
for EUROPE: 2 USDs + SAE
Please note: NO STAMPs and NO IRC.
IRC are often used as a currency in the amateur radio world. This is not correct, and you can discover it, if you find a post officer that wants strictly apply the rules of IRC. It is also popular send old IRC that are not more valid.
Note for Italians: Italy is in Europe too, the minimal contribution for Italian Amateurs Radio is 2USDs + SAE. Please do not send SASE (no stamps).
Direct QSL card requests doesn’t respect those policies will be answered via the BURO.
Direct QSL card requests with expired IRC will be NOT answered at all.
Direct requests with an appropriate contribution will be answered after the request via OQRS.
The address of the QSL manager is:
33030 TORREANO MART. UD 33035
D64K’s log will be entirely uploaded on LOTW after 6 months from the end of the dxpedition.
Be patience, if you cannot wait for the LOTW confirmation, please evaluate the OQRS request.
We are happy to confirm QSL requests via the BURO. We will start to answer to this kind of cards after all OQRS and Direct requests.
Note: BURO and LOTW are completely free. So maybe you want to evaluate to suport our dxpedition with a donation. You donate using paypal from donors page.
QSL Semi-Direct
Associations, Clubs and sponsors in general can negotiate directly with the QSL manager, to establish a dedicated QSL service for their members or affiliates.