RI0K/KL7RRC IOTA DXpedition 2012


RI0K/KL7RRC IOTA DXpedition 2012
Ratmanova Island ( Big Diomode Island )AS-061 / Little Diomode Island NA-150 / Alyumka Island AS-092


Big Diomede Island (Russian: ostrov Ratmanova; native name Imaqliq) is an island among the Diomede Islands in the middle of the Bering Strait. The island is a part of the Chukotsky District of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug of Russia.
Big Diomede Island is located about 45 km (28 mi) southeast of Cape Dezhnev on the Chukchi Peninsula and is Russia’s easternmost point. The coordinates are 65°46′52″N 169°03′25″W / 65.78111°N 169.05694°W / 65.78111; -169.05694
The rocky tuya-type island has an area of about 29 km2 (11 sq mi) The International Date Line is about 1.3 km (0.81 mi) east of the island.
The island was originally inhabited by Yupik Eskimos. During the Cold War all local population was forcibly moved to Chukotka in order to prevent contacts with American Little Diomede island Inupiat inhabitants. Unable to assimilate or live among Russians, they have perished. The First Alaskans Institute says that, “The people of the Diomede and King Islands are Inupiat…”.
The first European to reach the islands was the Russian explorer Semyon Dezhnev in 1648. The Danish navigator (in Russian service) Vitus Bering re-discovered the Diomede Islands on August 16, 1728, the day on which the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of the martyr St. Diomede.[4]
In 1732, the Russian geodesist Mikhail Gvozdev plotted the island’s map.
In 1867 during the Alaska Purchase the new border between the nations was drawn between the Big Diomede and Little Diomede islands. (TNX to Wikipedia)
HAM History from Ratmanova Isl
EKØAKR (1st ever activity in 1988)
4K4/EKØAK (approximately 1500 QSOs in 1990 by Sergey ex UAØK/RV9CBF (now RVØAE)
4K4/EK25ØRA (in 1991 with very limited activity)
LINKS for Ratmanova Island (Big Diomede) AS-061:
Song about Ratmanova – http://video.mail.ru/inbox/dvzot/14/20.html
Pictures for Alyumka Island  AS-092 from Panoramio:
3 pcs – Transceiver ELECRAFT K3
3 pcs – Power Amplifier ACOM1000
2 pcs – Antenna SteppIR DB18E
1 pcs – Antenna SteppIR BigIR
3 pcs – Power Generator HONDA EU20i
RI0K / RI0K/p – PRELIMINARY AGENDA (very dependable on local / weather / transportation conditions)
23 July – flight from Moscow to Anadyr
24 July – arrival toAnadyr; equipment supply – night rest
25 July – flight fromAnadyr to Lavrentiya village; food / equipment supply – night rest
26 July – flight by helicopter to Ratmanova Isl; location on the island’ setup preparation
27 July – RIØK is on the air from Ratmanova Isl
28-29 July – RIØK is on the air from Ratmanova Isl also in IOTA Contest
30 July – RIØK is on the air from Ratmanova Isl
31 July – flight back from Ratmanova Isl to Lavrentiya village
01 August – flight back from Lavrentiya toAnadyr; preparation for IOTApedition to Alumka Isl (AS-092)
02 August – try to land to Alyumka Isl with local HAMs involvement
03-05 August – RIØK/p is on the air from Alyumka Isl
06 August – return back toAnadyr; rest
07 August – flight from Anadyr toMoscow.
07 August – arrival to Moscow
KL7RRC/p – PRELIMINARY AGENDA (very dependable on local / weather / transportation conditions)
24 July – flight of N3QQ from Seattle to Nome – night rest
25 July – flight to Little Diomede by helicopter; equipment setup
25-27(28) July – KL7RRC/p is on the air from Little Diomede NA-150
28 July – trip with boat to Wales (activity as N3QQ/KL7 from Wales (town in the Nome Census Area, Alaska, United States))
31 July – flight back to Seattle
Alex Kuznetsov
Box 80
392000 Tambov
Yuri Zaruba
Box 201
630073 Novosibirsk-73