Z81A, I am the first amateur licensed in South Sudan


I am the first amateur licensed in South Sudan. South Sudan gained their independance in July 2011, and ITU-R1 have given South Sudan a group of call signs, whichare;

Z80A – Z89Z
Z82XA – Z89XZ
I am now living and working in Juba and wanting to get my ham license here, I had no idea I would be walking into a whole new beginning. After several weeks of meetings and signatures with the Ministry of Telecommunications and Postal Services offices. I finally came to the Deputy Director for Spectrum. What a great guy! It was with him that I discovered no one has their license. Right there, I decided to volunteer to do what I can to help establish amateur radio for South Sudan however; unknown to me at the time, there was another amateur radio operator working for the UN here and we would soon meet and pool our resources together to help bring Amateur radio to South Sudan. Diya is a great guy and is now licensed as (Z81D).
I’ve been a licensed ham in the States (K7QI) for 38 years now, and a life member and huge supporter of ARRL, I felt that maybe my years of experience would help bring Amateur radio to South Sudan. A huge thank you goes out to ARRL and their assistance and support that I needed to guide me to through the proper channels to finally reach Region 1 where South Sudan really belongs and needs to align with. The Directors, Deputy Directors at the Ministry of Telecommunications and Postal Services are a great bunch of guys! And I greatly appreciate their friendship.
Frank and I are getting hammered by hams via email about wanting to contact South Sudan. Please be patient. This Country is in the building stage. For example, most all of Juba has no electricity and the house I’ve rented is the same. My company is in the process of ordering 2 generators. I am scheduled to fly back home on 25th of September 2012, and will return to Juba around late October or early November. I still need to select HF equipment and VHF equipment, and will bring the equipment back with me once I’ve selected the equipment. I am a member of AMSAT back home, and am planning on becoming active on AMSAT from here. Once I am set up and operating, I plan on being highly active, and will be on just about everyday. So please be patient, and I will be on very soon.
The Really Good news!! Diya (Z81D) has a station already setup and ready to go. Thanks to his kindness, we both will be using his station until I can get my station setup.
I would also like to thank one of theguys from the ST0R expedition. He is in contact with me and giving me great advice. Thank you Paul for all the kind words, and support. I am the first perminate amateur radio operator in South Sudan, and slowly ramping up to become a highly active operator, and goal will be to help everyone who wants South Sudan to get a contact.
My QSL manager is Frank Remington (K7GSE). Please Send S.A.S.E. with 2 green stamps or 1 valid IRC to Frank. If you are unclear, please contact Frank.