XX9TTT, Coloane Island, MACAU, AS-075


Coloane is one of the two main islands of the Macau Special Administrative Region, located directly south of Macau’s other main island, Taipa, and east of Hengqin Island of Zhuhai in Guangdong province.
Coloane was known in Cantonese as Gau Ou Saan; the Portuguese name is derived from the Cantonese pronunciation of Gwo Lou Waan (過路環, lit. “Passing-road Ring”).
Coloane has an area of 8.07 km² (4-km long) and is 5.6 km from the Macau Peninsula. It is connected to Taipa by a 2.2 km land-fill bridge, the Estrada do Istmo, however land reclamation has physically connected the two islands and a new town called Cotai has been built between Taipa and Coloane, which is home to the Cotai Strip and many other casinos under development.
The narrowest part of Coloane is 300 metres. The highest points in Macau are eastern and central Coloane, with the highest point being the 171-metre Alto de Coloane. The northern shore of the island is 4.5 m deep, and is the site of the Macau Deepwater Port. The eastern Hac Sa Beach and the southern Cheoc Van Bay are popular swimming beaches. At Baía de Hác Sá there is a Portuguese restaurant called “Fernandos”, famous amongst locals in Macau and tourists from Hong Kong.
From the Song Dynasty onwards and until the Portuguese arrival in 1864, Coloane was a sea salt farm for China. After their arrival, the Portuguese made Macau an important trading port, but Coloane remained deserted, which was used as a base by pirates until 1910. The island has become more populated after the Estrada do Istmo was finished in 1969.
TenTec OMNI VII + Heil Sound headphone
Acom 1000
Spiderbeam for 15m + vertical dipole for 20 m
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