Log4OM 1.11.3 Beta version

Log4OM has been released in 1.11.3 Beta version

Many updates, many optimizations and bugfixes. Enjoy

IW3HMH & The Team

What’s new in Release 1.11.3 Beta

New features

– New redesigned Award management with “all in one” screen, created using user suggestions.
– Cluster management works on it’s own thread, deploying information when refreshing to increase responsiveness.
– QSL management and QSO management search button now is connected to RETURN when focus is set on call sign filter.
– Added a filter save feature
– Added a selectable list of values for the main search parameters

Issues resolved

– Fixed an issue with EQSL/LOTW match in the proximity of the midnight
– Fixed an issue that prevented correct upload of Clublog under some circumstances
– Resolved issue of distance and bearing now correctly saved.
– Resolved issue when clicking on the name of the country giving a blank screen in statistics and awards
– Call sign search in Post Office now improved
– Improved performances and other DXCC award related informations in the ADIF import
– If QRZ or HAMQTH are down there is now a time out timer
– Validated and verified are now the same
– Country worked statistics is now updating in external detached screen
– DXCC Award RTTY now works correctly
– Fixed ‘Submitted’ issue in the Awards tab

Log4Om is a fast and simple software developed in C# for complete ham radio station management.

Some of the key functions are:
Interfaced with QRZ.COM e HAMQTH.COM for rapid search and QSO data enhancements (massive update supported).
Innovative graphic DX Cluster management, with SPOT real time view on world map and auto tuning of the radio with CAT support.
Super Cluster: An alternative cluster based on online data sent by users to HRDLog.net
MySQL support for large databases and multi operator operations.
CAT support for numerous radios, through HAMLIB and OMNIRIG
Cluster integrated with propagation informations by HRDLog.net
ADIF import and ADIF / Excel (csv) / PDF export of log
Integrated with E-QSL, LOTW, ClubLog and HRDLog.net.
Fast and simple forms for help OM’s to write old good paper QSL with ease.
Complete log searching features, Log4Om enables the OM to update offline the QSO with updated informations.
Optimized for “paper to electronic” log conversion, with features that drammatically speeds up the speed of inserting QSO (auto-time functions with predefined QSO separations, automatically set timings for fast pile-up management)
Language selectable English and Italian
Complete label print feature

Download (Beta
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Log4OM latest user manual (ENG) (239)