Hola Cuba 2013, T48RRC/T47RRC/T4RRC


Y2013 is the 20th Anniversary of RRC! Join the celebration in the pile up

Hola Cuba
On October 28, 1492, Christopher Columbus landed in Cuba and christened it “Juana”. Its Indian name was “Cubanacan.” Slowly the name Cuba was adopted by the Spanish.

NA-218, Moa Grande Island, planned to be activated from 11 to 14th of Feb. Claimed by: 13.7% of IOTA participants. Last activity was in 2000.

NA-086, Coco Island, planned to be activated from 14 to 16th of Feb. Claimed by: 24.1% of IOTA participants.

NA-204, Santa Maria Island, planned to be activated from 16 to 18th of Feb. Claimed by: 15.3% of IOTA participants. Last activity was in 2000.

NA-204, Santa Maria Island, CW team plans to participate in ARRL CW International DX Contest in M/S or M/2 category. Call us!

This time another one “trade mark” special IOTA Activity of Russian Robinson Club & R-Quad friends from Cuba!
Thanks to Local HAMs! Enjoy the pile-ups!


Cuba, officially the Republic of Cuba; Spanish: República de Cuba, is an island country in the Caribbean.
The nation of Cuba consists of the main island of Cuba, as well as the Isla de la Juventud and several archipelagos.
Havana is the largest city in Cuba and the country’s capital. Santiago de Cuba is the second largest city.
To the north of Cuba lies the United States (150 km or 90 mi away) and the Bahamas, Mexico is to the west, the Cayman Islands and Jamaica are to the south, and Haiti and the Dominican Republic are to the southeast. (TNX to Wikipedia)

T48RRC – Moa Grande Island

IOTA NA-218 – Plan: 11th-14th Feb’13
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Group Name: Las Tunas / Holguin / Santiago de Cuba Province group
Claimed by: 13.7% of IOTA participants.
Main prefix: CO8
Location: 19.75N – 21.50N / 74.05W – 77.97W
Group Contains: Moa Grande
Last and only activity: CO8OTA (Sept 2000)
T47RRC – Coco Island
IOTA NA-086 – Plan: 14th-15th Feb’13
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Group Name: Ciego de Avila / Camaguey Province North group
Claimed by: 24.1% of participants.
Main prefix: CO7
Location: 21.50N – 22.67N / 77W – 78.93W
Group Contains: Camaguey Archipelago, Coco, Paredon Grande, Romano
T46RRC – Santa Maria Island
IOTA NA-204 – Plan: 16th-18th Feb’13
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Group Name: Matanzas / Villa Clara / Sancti Spiritus Province group
Claimed by: 15.3% of IOTA participants.
Main prefix: CO5;CO6
Location: 21.50N – 23.33N / 78.93W – 82.22W
Group Contains: Santa Maria, Sabana Archipelago
Last and only activities: CO0OTA (1995); CO6OTA (Sept 2000)


Our Agenda will be very dependable from local weather & other conditions. For now, the priliminary plans are the following (local time):

Feb’13 Activity
10th Departure from Moscow – arrival to Holguin
11th Trip to Moa Grande Island (NA-218), camp and antennas installation, operation in the air as T48RRC
12-14th T48RRC in the air from Moa Grande Island (NA-218)
14th De-installation of antennas on Moa Grande (NA-218), travel to mainland, trip to Coco Island (NA-086)
14th late Installation of antennas and equipment on Coco Island, T47RRC in the air during the night
15th T47RRC in the air from Coco Island (NA-086)
16 early morning – 18th De-installation of antennas on Coco island (NA-086), travel to mainland, trip to Santa Maria Island (NA-204), camp and antennas installation, operation in the air as T46RRC and as T46T in ARRL international CW Contest
19th early morning Packing of equipment on Santa Maria Island, travel to Habana, night rest in hotel in Habana
20th Visiting Habana
21th Departure from Habana to Moscow

We plan to be active from 10 to 160 meters (include Warc bands) in CW, SSB and Digital modes with 3 stations at the same time in different bands and modes.

Station TX/RX PA Antennas
Station 1 Elecraft K3 Acom 1000 TX: 10m, 12m, 15m, 17m, 20m – vertical dipole array and 80m, 160m – SpiderBeam Verticals 18m(Exclusive by R-Quad!!!); BiggIR (10-40m);
RX: BVs, K94
Station 2 Elecraft K3 Acom 1000
Station 3 Kenwood TS-590 Acom 1010
Station 4 Yaesu FT857

160 1831.5 1825- JA
1830- EU/USA
1842.0 up 5+ 1840.7 1855+
80 3520.0 up 2+ 3790.0 3775- / 3825+ 3585 3586+
40 7020.0 up 2+ 7060.0 up 5+ 7038 7039+
30 10120.0 up 2+ 10132 10133+
20 14020.0 up 2+ 14260.0 up 5+ 14082 14083+
17 18070.0 up 2+ 18140.0 up 5+ 18097.7 18099+
15 21020.0 up 2+ 21260.0 up 5+ 21082 21083+
12 24890.0 up 2+ 24960.0 up 5+ 24922 24923+
10 28020.0 up 2+ 28460.0 up 5+ 28082 28083+


As far as You have found Your QSO(s) in Log on-line, You have 3 options to obtain your QSL(s) confirmation:

1st option – as far as we come back home, the OQRS option of QSLs request will be activated. Both way: Direct and via Bureau (Your QSL(s) is/are NOT needed) . Please, stay tuned!

2nd option – to send Your Direct request to the address below with necessary return postage coverage (pse NO IRCs).
Mailing address:
Eugene Shelkanovtcev
PO Box 70
Orel, 302028

3rd option – all QSO(s) data will be placed into LoTW.