Internet Ham Atlas by SP6NVK

Welcome on my pages

The goal of the creation of this service was the gathering in one place and in the equal form basic data about all DXCC Entities.
Surely it is proper to find out something about the country of the correspondent or about the rare DX country, wherewith you just made the contact.
I supposed besides that from this service will enjoy also persons not being radio amateurs, either radio amateurs barely beginning the adventure of its life. Just for them intended is this part of the service which permits to seek the information according to geographical units. It is the first step in polished manners with the world parted into DXCC Entities. At every geographical unit show itself links to entities DXCC, which compose it.
A separate profile of the service are maps. They represent DXCC entities, countries or parts of geographical units (islands, administrative units etc.).
Classical maps always fascinated me, therefore are them here not a little. And will be increasingly. As that the progress will be not possible to avoid and to defend before him is meaninglessly – the part of maps is in the present form and the graphic stylistics.
I wish satisfactions at using this service.
Darek SP6NVK

Prefixes and callsigns
As the main prefix for the given DXCC Entity I fixed:

The official prefix assigned by the entitled administration, e.g. SP, OH0;
The prefix used by DXCC, e.g. KH5K;
One from many used prefixes arbitrarily chosen by me, e.g. DL (and not DJ or DK).
I will not interfere in discussions nor be change nothing in the case of prefixes „usually used” for some Entity, e.g. 3B8; 3B9.
Series of signs embrace all series admitted by the properly administration regardless of whether they are used and in what character are used, e.g. HF0 – Polish stations on Antarctica.
Series of signs contain only these exclusions (or inclusions) whose executed national administrations, up to the mark prefixes e.g. KL9 for American armies in South Korea.

Relations The Entity Û The Geographical Unit
Between The DXCC Entity and The Geographical Units occur following kinds of relations:
1. The Entity = The Geographical Unit:the state with the compact territory :

e.g. SP = Poland;the island fulfilling DXCC criteria e.g. JX = Jan Mayen.
2. The Entity = the part of The Geographical Unit (but not the political or administrative part):the part of the archipelago :
e.g. E51 = North Cook Is.;distant islands e.g. T33 = Banaba Island, 3D2 = Conway Reef, OJ0 = Market Reef.
3. The Entity Þ The Geographical Unit is not assigned: 
R1MV = Malyj Vysotskij Island.
4. The Entity = the dependent administrative unit or the dependency: the administrative unit:
e.g. OH0 = Aland Islands, EA6 = Balearic Islands; several administrative units or other not being Geographical Units e.g. EA9 = Ceuta + Melilla + Islas Chafarinas+ Penon de Velez de la Gomera + Islas Alhuceimas; Ceuta and Melilla are autonomous cities on rights as the province; the dependency or the oversea territory e.g. FO = French Polynesia, VP6 = Pitcairn Islands; the territory which does not accept the central authority H44 = Temotu Province (Solomon Islands – H4).
In this service such kind of the dependency became definite as the 1‑level dependence, and for the relation the dependency Û the main territory on adopted qualifications the province Û the metropolis. Formal and legal relationships in every case are different, and using qualifications reflect only the dependency relationship between these territories.
5. The Entity = the subordinate administrative unit or the dependency of the lower rung: the administrative unit:
 e.g. FO = Austral Islands – the part of French Polynesia; the dependency or the overseas e.g. FK/C = Chesterfield Islands.
In this service such kind of the dependency became definite as the 2‑level dependence, and for the relation the dependency Û the province on adopted qualifications The Entity Û the province. Formal and legal relationships in every case are different, and using qualifications reflect only the dependency relationship between these territories.
6. The mixed status – The Entity is subject the metropolis but is administered from the province: 
e.g. FO = Clipperton; it is subject directly to authorities in Paris but is administered by authorities residing in French Polynesia.
7. The Entity = 2 or more Geographical Units:
e.g. ZC4 = Akrotiri + Dhekelia, E4 = Gaza Strip + West Bank, FR/J = Bassas da India + Juan de Nova + Europe.
8. The Geographical Unit does not exist as The Entity but its create series of Entities:
e.g. G + GW + GM + GI + GD + GJ + GU = Great Britain, T30 + T31 + T32 + T33 = Kiribati.
9. The Geographical Unit and The Entity are identical but they have different names:
e.g. The Entity VQ9 = Chagos Islands but The Geographical Unit is called British Indian Ocean Territory.
10.The Entity is not The Geographical Unit nor political and one distinguishes itself only with the special status of administering (Entities formed according to criteria before 1998):
e.g. CY9, CY0, KH7K, KP5.
11. Entities appended according to the point 3 Rules DXCC (Special Areas):
e.g. 4U1, S0.
These divergences cause that the state which possesses on its own territory above 1 Entity, is not consequently same object as The Entity with such name!!! Thus The Geographical Unit France is not equivalent The Entity France, howevercontains The Entity France – but also Corsica, French Polynesia, New Caledonia and more Entities for whom France is a metropolis (all territories which are creating the Republic of France).

1. The main objective of the creation of this service was the gathering large quantity of various maps; mostly traditional on the paper. From here – except maps of countries/Entities – also maps of their parts, islands, administrative units and regional maps.
2. As the rule I accepted presenting of maps in files of the type GIF – the loss-free recording does not cause „impurities” on maps. In exceptional cases – very large files – placed are also maps in the JPG format, however with the comparatively small compression.
The structure of the catalogue with maps

Groups of maps
Below one represented 2 core groups of maps of this service: Geographic Units and DXCC Entitieswith possible variants of their searching.
In thematic groups: Maps of Poland, Other maps etc. the search happens characteristically for every from these catalogues.