Contest University Italy

Introducing the Contest and the Contest University
The Contest is the competitive aspect of the work of Amateur Radio and offer endless fun for operators around the world. But how to start? What does it mean to … Contest? … How do I participate? … 
What should I do to prepare for a contest? … 
How can I improve the way I work during the Contest? 
Contest The University was founded in response to all these questions … and more! 
E ‘was founded by Tim Duffy K3LR who owns a station contest in Pennsylvania ( USA) prestigious and successful.
Tim has realized the need to provide a source of education to all radio amateurs who want to know the world of the Contest (also known as Radio-Sports). 
Contest The University began in Dayton, during Hamvention 2007, and was a great success with the participation of 120 students, who attended with great satisfaction the courses and reporting.
During the 2008 edition there was a significant increase in attendance to about 200 students! 
Contest In October 2008, the University has landed in Europe, thanks to Mark M0DXR who, assisted by Tim K3LR launched the Contest University in UK during the RSGB Convention.
In March 2009, the Contest University arrives in Italy, the first edition closes with some 170 participants, eight relations with the presence of the speakers at the Top of the Contesting International. The 2010 edition had over 200 appearances, was a great success: there were many participants and not only new faces but also Contesters experts and famous, careful to steal some secret trick to improve their results.
The Contest University is composed of a large set of presentations and reports prepared according to a careful logical order that also allows for those approaching for the first time to the complex world of the Contest become rich in a short time with a lot of useful and accurate information.
During the next Garda Exhibition (10 March 2012) the Contest University Italy has the fourth edition, thanks to the generosity of the Garda Exhibition Centre and the work of Romeo IK2EAD, Guido IK2BCP and Stefano IK2QEI.
Excellent team work with excellent results both from Italy and abroad, and the intention of the University Contest is precisely to create a united and collaborative community contest consists of both figures expert, as our speakers, both “new” operators ( what the Americans call “Rookies”) and with their enthusiasm, contribute even more energy and “want to do.”
The entrance to the CTU is free and the site registration is required to receive the following:
Receiving the personalized badge at home, cosente free access to the Garda Exhibition Centre and the CTU.
Withdrawal, at the reception of material containing printing presentations
Reservations for the evening meal at the restaurant Boschetti
Attention, a contribution (amount free) is also strictly required for 
the ‘access to snacks. (During the two breaks)
Dinner participants (Restaurant “Boschetti” with reservation at the secretariat)