Honduran IOTA Expedition


Just received word that Dan is leaving Swan Island today and heading straight forVivorillos NA-223. This is a bit of a deviation from the original plans, but as we all know his travel is dependant on the Honduran Navy’s schedule.
With these changes Dan is only going to be able to take one antenna, so he will most likely be active on either 20m or 15m. As it stands right now he will be on Vivorillos for 1 or 2 days only — he is at the mercy of the Honduran Navy for transportation and their needs come first. The Navy will bring him back in July for the full planned operation from NA-223.
Dan will then return to Swan Island but not sure as to how long he will be there. Hopefully he will get a little more operating time before he has to return to main land Honduras.
Dan is safe and well on Swan Island. There’s been a lot of heavy rain since he arrived, plus lightning. Static levels are sometimes very high, but he continues to work the world when not QRX due to the weather.
He’s not sure when he will leave the island as it depends on when the Navy decide it’s safe to travel either to the mainland or even NA-223.
He did report that he has had no propagation on the low bands. 40/80/160 haven’t produced any workable QSOs so he has taken down the low band wire antennas to concentrate on higher bands only.
QSL mananger, KD4POJ updates –
Dan arrived on Swan Island (NA-035 Santanilla) and starting operating 15m CW. He had a little trouble with the generator at first but seems to have that under control now. He’s had storms and QRTs until they pass.
Dan has no internet or cluster access on these islands. So there is No Online logs. Logs will be posted to Club Log after all three islands are complete. OQRS will be available then, too.
Dan informed me prior to his departure the other day, that he needs folks to spread out a bit (1-3kcs for CW and 5-10 for SSB). Additionally, If your not the one being called, please stop transmitting, to allow him to get the call he is trying to work in the logs. This will speed up the QSO rate and ensure he can get everyone in the logs he can.
Everything for HQ8S, Swan Island, NA-035 is prepared. Dan sets off soon and hopes to arrive the island on June 15. Activity expected to last four days, but could continue until June 25, depending on the Honduran Navy schedule.
Keep an eye on the clusters. CW to begin with followed by SSB. There will be no internet on the island so please help Dan relay any info he may have.
Official documentation and confirmation from the Honduran Navy informs that Dan HR2DMR can visit and be active from NA-035 and NA-223.
June 16 – 20 — HQ8S, Swan NA-035.
July 16 – 20 — HQ8D, Vivorillos NA-223.
Dan is now QRT from Cochinos Caye. It’s a long journey home where he can finally catch up on sleep. Some pictures will be uploaded to the gallery page later.
We will find out after he gets back to the mainland when he’ll depart for the next island. Again, his departure to the next island will be dependent on the Honduran Navy’s Schedule.
QSL manager KD4POJ mentions cards are already arriving – the HQ3W/HQ8D/HQ8S card will be sent once the expedition is over.
QSL manager KD4POJ reports that Dan will be on NA-160 for possibly two extra days. The Honduran Navy have changed plans slightly so if you still needHQ3W there’s now two more days of activity expected. The HR Navy will drop off more fuel tomorrow. A further update to follow..
Dan HR2DMR started operations as HQ3W from Cayos Cochinos NA-160 at 16:15z.
His QSL manager, Dwayne KD4POJ, made the following recording:
Small Cay at NA-160. This is the place Dan hopes to operate from.
After a long journey yesterday evening, Dan HR2DMR arrived to the city of La Ceiba ready to make the trip to NA-160 today.
HQ3W will be active on CW first. Approx QRV time unknown, but could be any time today. Use the cluster to spot HQ3W.
Dan hopes to send images for this webpage. Stay tuned.
During the weekend, Dan went on a reconnaissance trip to Cayos Cochinos NA-160 to get a better idea where to set up and to determine take-off paths. Dates for the IOTA expedition are so far unchanged.
Local Transportation
Cayos Cochinos beach
Dan kindly requests any donated amount to help offset fuel & food costs for each island he will visit. To activate these rare islands is expensive.
Dan, HQ3W / HR2DMR has been very busy lately – meeting Navy personnel, sending emails, making phone calls etc
Dates for each IOTA activation are now tentatively listed, but they could change nearer the time. This webpage will update any changes and confirmations.
May 27 to 31 — HQ3W, Cochinos NA-160.
June 16 to 20 — HQ8S, Swan NA-035.
July 16 to 20 — HQ8D, Vivorillos NA-223.
Dan HR2DMR having lunch on NA-160 during 2007 activity.
An IOTA expedition by Dan HR2DMR to the following Honduran islands is being planned for a period between late May to July (dates depending on Navy permission.)
Callsigns have been requested.

Dan HR2DMR active as HQ3C from NA-160 in 2007
2x Kenwood transceivers + amps
Wire antennas for 160-40M
Cushcraft A3S Tribander (20, 15, 10M)
HQ3W – NA-160
Small Cay at NA-160. This is the actual cay Dan hopes to operate from.
The Cayos Cochinos or Cochinos Cays are a group of two small islands situated 30kms north-east of La Ceiba on the northern shores of Honduras. The islands are a Marine Protected Area and are managed by the Honduran Coral Reef Foundation.
National Geographic writes: “The waters around this collection of coral cays are a marine biologist’s dream – protected by the government, off-limits to commercial divers and fishermen, and busy with creatures that may not yet have names. The Cayos Cochinos reefs are the least disturbed ecosystem in the Bay Islands.”
HQ8D – NA-223
Hotel at Vivorillos NA-223
The Vivorillos Bank lies from 33 to 53 nautical miles NNE of Cabo Falso, Gracias a Dios, Honduras. A bird sanctuary, it is protected by Honduran Wildlife, Navy and Army. Special permission is needed to visit and stay.
The ‘Bank rises above the ocean and contains the Cayos Vivorillos, Becerro Cay, Tanga Cay and Caratasca & Cajones group. (A large group of very, very small cays.)
The Vivorillo Grande known locally as “Bogas Kay” is one of the most frequented cays by fisherman and divers. Others cays are Burn Cay, Savannah Reefs, South Cays, Port Royal, Porpoise Cay and Hal´s Rock – one of the most dangerous to stay on because of tiny space to walk.
The Cays belong to the Departamento de Gracias a Dios, near the Mosquito coast, and very difficult to reach except by Honduran Navy plane or boat .
HQ8S – NA-035
HR2DMR operating at HQ8R, Swan Island in 2008
The Swan Islands, or Islas Santanilla, are a chain of three islands located in the north-western Caribbean Sea, approximately ninety miles off the coastline of Honduras.
The islands are uninhabited, except for a small Honduran navy garrison. Both the United States and Honduras claimed the Swan Islands until the United States dropped its claim under the Guano Islands 
QSL all calls via KD4POJ
4201 13th Street NE
Minot, ND 58703
Please note logs will be uploaded to Club Log and LoTW after the expedition.