WLOTA DXpedition June 27th to July 1st, 2013

Sponsored by the Kebon Jeruk Branch, West Jakarta Radio Club, Radio Clubs throughout Jakarta and the Indonesian Amateur Radio Organization (ORARI).
Damar Besar Lighthouse on Pulau Damar Besar (Damar Besar Island) – WLOTA No.2749

Pulau Damar Besar or Damar Besar Island is an uninhabited island that was once known as Edam Island during the colonial Dutch Rule. It is one of the island in the Thousand Islands cluster (Kepulauan Seribu) under the North Jakarta jurisdiction. The locals call it the Monkey Island. It is located about fifteen (15) nautical miles North of Jakarta’s modern Tanjung Priok harbour.
On this island stands erect a majestic Lighthouse called Menara Suar Damar Besar or simply known as Damar Besar Lighthouse (Vast Licht as the Dutch used to call it). It stands tall at about 56 meters above sea level. The Lighthouse itself is about 52 meters high.
According to historical record, this lighthouse was built in 1879 by King Z.M. Willem III of Holland to safely navigate ships moving in and out of one of the busiest seaport of Batavia. Batavia is what Jakarta was formerly known as in the 1800s during the Dutch Colonial Rule.
The Lighthouse can be seen from miles away, even from an airplane during its final approach towards Jakarta’s Sukarno Hatta International Airport in Cengkareng, Banten, West Java.
Latitude -5.956588 (5° 57′ 23” S) Longitude 106.842642 (106° 50′ 33” E)
Grid Square OI34kb Sunrise 22:55:06 UTC Sunset 10:43:59 UTC
OBJECTIVES of the WLOTA DXpedition 2013
The Kebon Jeruk Branch of West Jakarta Radio Club and its other Jakarta Radio Club counterparts have organized a Lighthouse DXpedition to Pulau Damar Besar with the following objectives;
To commemorate Jakarta’s 486 th Birthday (HUT Jakarta ke-486) which falls on the 22nd of June 2013,
To promote the tourism industry (Visit Indonesia Year),
To assist the Local Government in preserving the existing eco-balance and cleanliness of the many islands in the Thousand Islands Cluster of North Jakarta.
To strengthen ties and unity among the Local Radio Clubs and its members under the Indonesian Amateur Radio Organization or ORARI,
To promote radio sports in Indonesia, especially towards the younger segment of the population,
To enhance Cooperations and Group Work among Amateur Radio Operators in Indonesia, especially in facing potential natural disaster, and
To enhance the fun factor of this great Hobby.
This WLOTA DXpedition is made possible after obtaining the appropriate approvals and necessary permits from the Central Government QQ The Ministry of Communications and Information, the Republic of Indonesia, the Regent of the Thousand Islands Cluster (Bupati Kepulauan Seribu), the Indonesian Amateur Radio Organization (ORARI) Head Office or locally known as ORPUS and by the Main Branch of the Jakarta Radio Club (ORDA).
The DXpedition Team is organized and managed by senior members of the ORARI as follows;
A. Chief Supervising Officer;
OM M. Rasyid, YC0SGA
OM Rasyid is the current President of the Kebon Jeruk Branch, West Jakarta Radio Club.
B. WLOTA Supervising Officer;
OM M. Fachmi Sadjeli, YB0MF
OM Fachmi is an active member of the Grogol Branch, West Jakarta Radio Club and is the current WLOTA Checkpoint Officer for OCEANIA.
C. WLOTA Team Leader and Treasury Officer;
OM Fabian Juwana, YC0NHR
OM Fabian currently sits on the Supervisory Board (DPP) of the Kebon Jeruk Branch, West Jakarta Radio Club.
D. Operational Supervising Officer;
OM Syaiful Bachri, YC0PUL
OM Syaiful is the current President of the Jatinegara Branch, East Jakarta Radio Club.
E. Technical Supervising Officer;
OM Jeffrey Lou, YC0LOU
OM Jeffrey is an active member of the Jatinegara Branch, East Jakarta Radio Club.
F. Logistics and Supplies Supervising Officer;
OM Toto Suripto, YB0OXL
Om Toto is an active member of the Kebon Jeruk Branch, West Jakarta Radio Club.
G. QSL Manager;
OM Dicky Surjadi, YB0JZS
OM Dicky is an active member of the Senen Branch, Central Jakarta Radio Club.
H. Operator Coordinating Officer;
OM Djojo Nusa (JOY), YB0NSI
OM JOY is an active member of the Kebon Jeruk Branch, West Jakarta Radio Club and is currently the Club’s Head of Operations and Organization.
I. Log Keeper Supervising Officer;
OM Andy Sitaniapessy, YC0MVP
OM Andy is an active member of the Kramat Jati Branch, East Jakarta Radio Club.
J. Public Relations Supervising Officer;
OM Rachmat Yanto, YB0ORR
OM Yanto is an active member of the Kebon Jeruk Branch, West Jakarta Radio Club.
K. DXing Consultant;
OM Jose Ferry, YB0AR
OM Ferry is an avid and a very seasoned DXer. He is an active member of the Kebayoran Branch, South Jakarta Radio Club.
L. DXpedition Secretary;
Ms. Roniah, YD0LNS
YL Roniah is an active member of the Kebon Jeruk Branch, West Jakarta Radio Club and is the Club’s current Secretary.
M. Other Supporting Team Members;
OM Wawan, YC0UCA
OM Rohman, YD0OZU
OM Handry, YB0NCS

Aerial View of Damar Besar Island
The Thousand Islands Cluster of North Jakarta

This WLOTA DXpedition is manned by a team of seasoned amateur radio operators, mainly from Call Area “0” or Jakarta Area. We have also invited a handful of Guest Operators from Call Area “1” from Bandung and Bogor, West Java.
The operators listed below are on their own accomplished and active DXers and many have won Local and International Contests. However, please bear in mind that due to the sometimes high atmospheric noise and uncontrollable man made noise, please bear with us if we have to request participants to repeat your callsign many times over.
The team of OPERATORS is as follows;

Coordinator: OM JOY, YB0NSI

A. Phone and Digimode Operators:

1. OM Fachmi, YB0MF,
2. OM Dicky, YB0JZS,
3. OM Ferry, YB0AR,
5. OM Jeffery, YC0LOU
6. OM Toto, YB0OXL,
7. OM Yanto, YB0ORR
8. OM Ade, YB0OHG


Phone and Digimode 

Guest Operators:

1. OM Budi, YF1AR,
2. OM Iwan, YE1NZ
3. OM Agoes, YC1EGP, and
4. OM Firdaus, YB8SI

C. CW Operators:

1. OM Handry, YB0NCS (CW Mode Team Leader)

2. YL Maya, YC0BPN

D. CW Guest Operators:

1. YL Ina, YD1NAA,
2. YL Sri, YD1BZW
3. OM Edy, YD1XUH,
4. OM Edwin, YD1DDB


ICOM IC 756 Pro III, ICOM IC 707, ICOM IC 706 and ICOM IC 730
YAESU FT-2000D, YEASU FT-897D and YAESU FT-2800


Cushcraft A3 tribander (20M, 15M & 10M) and Cushcraft Vertical for 10M
MFJ Full Size G5RV
Homebrew Dual Bander Rotary Dipole for 20M and 15M
Homebrew 3-Element Delta Loop for 80 and 40M
Homebrew Full Size L-Inverted for 160M
Hygain Vertical for 2M


Acer Notebook Computers using Logger 32 Software
RIGblaster Plug and Play Interfaces
MFJ 989C Antenna Tuners
MFJ and Daiwa SWR/Power Meters and Antenna Selectors
Belden Coax and Amphenol Connectors
Krisbow 5000 W and Honda 3000 W Petrol Generator Sets

Thank you very much for working the YB0D station.
We ONLY accept DIRECT QSL.  LOTW, NO eQSL and certainly NO Buro.
For DIRECT QSL, please send US$ 2 to our QSL Manager, OM Dicky, YB0JZS (see YB0JZS’ QSL detail below). We are sorry but our local Post Office does not accept IRC, so please NO IRC as it will have NO value in our Country. We also accept QSL payment via PAYPAL to PAYPAL account; joy_n64@hotmail.com . For payment via PAYPAL, please state Full Callsign and your Complete Mailing address IF different from the mailing address as stated in your QRZ.COM profile.
PLEASE NOTE: All DIRECT QSL will only be accepted until POST MARKED 31st December 2013 to our QSL Manager address as follows:
Dicky Surjadi
Jalan Kramat Pulo Dalam I No. B 75
Jakarta 10450
If for some reason you do not receive our QSL reply, please feel free to inquire directly to our QSL Manager at the following email address: yb0jzs@gmail.com .


This WLOTA DXpedition is being funded privately from several members of the Jakarta Radio Clubs under the ORARI Organization.
The main sponsor is from members of the Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta Radio Club, private individuals who are amateur radio members from the various Jakarta and outside Jakarta Radio Clubs and from the Main Branch of the Jakarta Radio Club (ORDA).
A significant part of the funds raised is also being used to CLEAN UP the Damar Besar Island as part of our Social Responsibility as responsible Radio Amateurs to keep Pulau Damar Besar clean and conducive to the Island’s native plants, trees, animals and also to the Island’s surrounding aquatic environment.
Donations are greatly welcome and much appreciated to ensure that we would be able to conduct the next WLOTA DXpedition while at the same time performing our Social Responsibility duties.
Donations via PAYPAL could be made directly to the following account: joy_n64@hotmail.com
Donations via Bank Transfer could be made directly to the following Bank account:
PT Bank Central Asia Tbk.
Kedoya Baru Branch,
West Jakarta,
Rp Account No; 309 1354 193
in the name of Ir. Fabianus Juwana
Swift Code (needed for transfers from Overseas Banks): CENAIDJA
For each donation made, please state your Callsign, your Full Name and your Full Mailing Address if it is different from your address as stated in the QRZ.COM database. However, you could opt to remain anonymous if you choose to.
For Radio Amateurs who have made direct donations of at least US$2, a special QSL card will be mailed directly to your mailing address immediately after the DXpedition is over.
Many thanks for your kind attention and support. We sincerely hope you have enjoyed working YB0D WLOTA DXpedition Amateur Radio Station. We hope to see you again in our next upcoming WLOTA event to another one of Indonesia’s many beautiful Lighthouse in exotic island location.
73 and GOOD DX.
Contact us: yb0damar@yahoo.com


Operating Duration
Start: 27 June 2013 Starting Transmission at 00:00 UTC.
End: 1st July 2013 Closing Transmission at 03:00 UTC.
Operating Mode: CW, Phone and Digital


160M, 80M, 40M, 20M, 15M, 10M and on 2M/VHF
Please look us up at the DX Cluster with the call YB0D from
the 27th of June 2013 at 00:00 UTC until the 1st of July, 2013 at 03:00 UTC.

For QRP Enthusiasts:

If the propagation is very good, we will operate QRP mainly on the 10 and 15 Meter Band. Mode: CW, Phone and Digital. So, please routinely check the DX Cluster.


For Radio Amateurs who have successfully worked us on ALL of the above Band in any mix mode, we would give a BONUS in the form of an attractive Pin.


Please come back often and click on the button below to check if your station is already in our LOG BOOK. Many thanks.