Purposes of the ARLHS


Purposes of the ARLHS:

The purposes for which this society is formed are:
To promote public awareness of the role ham radio and light beacons have played in assisting and maintaining safety at sea. 
To preserve the heritage and history of lighthouses and lightships 
To aid in preserving those lights in danger of destruction or decay 
To recognize the keepers of the lights as maritime heroes 
To foster camaraderie within the ham fraternity 
To provide fellowship amongst nations and members of the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society
Subscription to membership in the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society includes a membership certificate, an embroidered ARLHS logo 3-inch shoulder patch*, and a subscription to the electronic online newsletter that is published somewhat sporadically throughout the year. 
Member subscribers are assigned a unique, life-time member number that is used in various on-the-air events, and they are entitled to use the Society’s logo on envelopes, QSL’s, and stationery as long as their membership remains active. 
Membership in the ARLHS will also automatically enroll you in theInternational Lighthouse-Lightship Organization (ILLW) at NO CHARGE. Your ARLHS member number will be part of your ILLW registration and you will be listed in the ILLW database for ILLW events. 
For legal reasons, we assume you agree to the usual terms of membership described in the “User Agreement.” 
Application for membership is on Page 4. Inquire about charter franchises by sending an e-mail to weidner [at] waterw.com. Terms of subscription may be changed at any time without notice. 
*Note: Sorry, we don’t provide a cap or T-shirt with the patch. But see our on-line store.
The ARLHS “Basic Membership” requires a small, one-time registration fee of only $5.00 US dllrs ($7.50 for DX applicants outside USA and Canada). This fee is to cover the cost of processing the application, and is paid only once for the life of the Basic Membership. After that there areNO annual dues or additional fees of any kind. 
To apply, fill out the application form and send it as postal mail with payment to ARLHS Hdq, 114 Woodbine Ave, Merchantville, NJ 08109 USA. Be sure to include your E-Mail address. 
Basic Memberships are available via Postal Mail only, with payment by cash or check drawn on a USA bank. After we receive your application, we’ll send you an e-mail with your ARLHS member number and other information. The Basic Membership allows you to use the ARLHS member number, participate in ARLHS events, and use the ARLHS logo on QSL cards, etc. For additional privileges, upgrade to the “Inactive” or “Full” Membership levels, described below.
The “Inactive Membership” level is for those who want some ARLHS benefits and privileges but want only the minimum dues of $10.00 US dllrs yearly. There is an initial one-time registration fee of $5.00, plus the first-year’s dues of $10 (the registration fee is for the first year only — after that you pay only $10 yearly). 
The Inactive Member level allows use of the ARLHS logo as well as access to most ARLHS web site features. 
This level is also applicable to those former Active Members who have let their memberships lapse and have not paid the yearly dues.
The Inactive Membership level reactivates your membership but does not grant full Active Membership nor any additional privileges. 
You may apply for “Inactive” status by Clicking Here. This will take you to the “Inactive Membersip Application” site. 
This is the full-member “Active” level with the most benefits. It requires a one-time US $5.00 registration fee (both DX and USA) for the member packet and thereafter an annual dues payment of $20.00 US dllrs. It includes full member privileges; reduced costs on awards, certificates, and member supplies; full-color embroidered logo shoulder patch; use of exclusive ARLHS logo on QSLs and stationery; full web site privileges; and many other benefits. In some instances it also provides a discount on the annual ARLHS convention. “Active Memberships” can be applied for by either of the two methods, as described on the “Active Member Application” page.
Lifetime Memberships are available to active members, with reduced rates for Senior citizens over age 65. For details and a mail-in application form, Go Here.