Sacalin Island is a newly formed island in the Black Sea Romanian coast a short distance from the right arm of the Danube Delta St. George. Originally Sacalin Island consisted of two smaller islands: Sacalinu Great and Small Sacalinu. But with time the two came together and formed a mass of soil per unit area of ​​21,410 hectares.
Romanian Government declared a Biosphere Reserve and prohibited populating the island since 1938. Currently access is prohibited and tourists.
The island is a great variety of birds, mammals and reptiles. Here are found the largest colonies of the sandwich tern and Dalmatian Pelican, the island is the main area nesting, feeding and wintering of the species. The island has been reviewed a number of 229 species of birds. The island’s waters are rare fish, sturgeon, and rare plants such as marsh sprouts large canary.
There are two areas where progress occurs mainly Delta. One starts from St. George to Sakhalin Island and perhaps in ten years will close, forming a new lake, and the other is north of Sulina.
Shipment period: 24.07 – 07.29.2013. 
Strips work planned 80-10m CW and SSB. 
team will participate in the IOTA Contest.
QSL Info
Neacşu Lawrence 
PO Box 16 
E-600 440 
Short notice:           
Because YO QSL Bureau provides only receiving QSL cards and not sending them to national offices do not wait QSL cards this way. For many years (about 28 years), have sent more than 500 kg of books QSL confirmation offices, in order to ensure that tokens are output manager, but it is a very expensive and difficult work and requires sponsors. I am not a rich man.           
Expedition YP13S Sacalinu Mare Island is the initiative of a small number of YO amateurs who wish to turn this island into the ether. The team must bear the high costs of transport on the Danube and not only fuel for electricity generation, the printing cards, etc..           
believe you realize that only direct QSL card application is a realistic approach to the subject. If the callsign QSL YP13S is important to you, please send your address book only confirmed my personal direct with SASE (self-addressed and stamped envelope properly). Thank you for your understanding! YO8AXP