Notice for the QRP RESPECT DAY 2013 participants:
Are coming up via email many logs for the QRP Respect Day, many operatorshave not specified if they are in QRP in portable or not. Also please always use the summary sheet downloadable from the site (who has already sent the logcan still do). If you do not have the possibility to send files in. ADI is always good to add a plain text file of the log in format:. Txt,. Doc,. PDF etc. Thanks!
1) For those who use the software YOULOG, we accept sending the log also in fileformat .ADIF for the QRP Day Party 2013.
2) PLEASE send the SUMMARY SHEET downloadable above, even if you have usedyoulog.
3) Rename the summary sheet with your CALLSIGN before sending, TNX!
Thanks to everyone who participated in the first edition of the QRP RESPECT DAY, the summary sheet (Foglio Riassuntivo – fiche de synthèse – hoja de resumen) of the QRP Respect Day 2013 is available
Summary Sheet QRP Respect Day 2013
Foglio Riassuntivo – fiche de synthèse – hoja de resumen
Microsoft Word Document [536.2 KB]
This page has been created to raise awareness for the respect of the amateur radio frequencies that have been assigned to the IARU QRP. SUPPORT US!
You can print or use on your website!
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: For those who use the software YOULOG, we accept sending the log file also in format .ADIF for the QRP Day Party 2013. Thank you.
1st Party HF QRP portable – Region 1
A Non-competitive race, reserved to lovers of the outdoors and QRP activity in defense and for the respect of the QRP frequencies reserved by the IARU. Open to all OM in compliance with their license. You must work as many as possible of HF QRP stations, but you can also work not-QRP stations. Access the rankings the only QRP stations.
Date: 4th Saturday of July (for 2013 will bet July 27th)
Hours: 08:00 – 12:00 UTC.
Bands: 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters. In accordance with the B.P. and QRP frequencies. *
Categories: QRP stations only, there is no distinction between single and multi-operator.
1A – portable QRP stations, max 5 watts CW mode
2A – portable QRP stations, max 5 watts, Mixed Mode (CW and / or SSB) *
1B – QRP stations fixed / m / mm, Mixed Mode (CW and / or SSB) *
3A – Portable or fixed stations, Mixed Mode, with Homembrew QRP
Call: CQ PRF (Respect Party QRP Frequencies) in CW, SSB QRP CQ Respect Party: You will pass the only RS (T). .
1) three points in connection with portable stations in CW QRP
2) two points in connection with portable stations in SSB QRP
3) a point in connection with all the other stations, QRP.
Notes: stations / M / MM although QRP are considered fixed. Final Score: The sum of QSO points.
We encourage the use of homebrew antennas built for the occasion, both wire and vertical, which should not be in contact with the car, caravan and other means of vehicle. You can transmit from your car, camper, etc.. The power supply must be independent: batteries, solar panels, no generator or mains. Each portable station in contest can send photos to demonstrate activity in portable and QRP or submit a self-certification. For Homebrew QRP stations, a brief description including photographs. Dupe should be highlighted and canceled in scoring. QSOs will not be verified, except those clearly questionable (or random checks). The declaration itself is in harmony with Ham Spirit and in compliance with the Regulation and Region 1 B.P.
Log: Accompanied by summary sheet (can be obtained from qrprespect@gmail.com), signed and a news sheet containing all the data on working conditions, including the owner of the station. It will be appreciated by sending a file attached to E_mail. Must be received by August 18, 2013 (postmark date or sending via E_mail) to: qrprespect@gmail.com with the specified object name followed by Party, Respect of the QRP Frequencies and year (example: i0zzz- partyPRF2013). It ‘called for sending the log by e-mail format. EDI, ADIF accompanied by the compulsory summary sheet (in electronic format). Log lacking the summary sheet signed and / or incomplete and / or arriving late will be considered control log, if taxed will get returned to the sender. We do not accept registered mail. Welcome comments, photos, description antennas, equipment … and especially critical … It is strongly recommended to use, even after Party of YOULog of IZ0PSA which provides for the management of this race and that automatically generates, in addition to the file .ADIF also the final score and the summary sheet. For info: http://youlog.i0dx.org/ Standings: will be drafted four classifications, as there are categories. * In the category 1B and 2A and 3A, the same station can be connected either in voice and in cw. The rankings, just ready, will be published on the websites of the club / team participating and Radio Magazine, as well as on the site of ‘ARI’ Liri Valley, “http://www.ariliri.it. In case of a tie for the category CW will be preferred who have linked several stations not Italian, for the other three categories, Mixed, who will have more connected CW stations.
A prize will be awarded to the winner in each category with at least 10 participants. The awards will be formally announced on the website www.ariliri.it. and on qesto site. Prizes will be dispatched or can be collected at the headquarters of the ARI 03-04 “Liri Valley.”
A prize to the first part will be reserved to the first YL competitor. Certificate of Participation, in pdf format, to all participants.
In Class 3A is expected the ‘free membership GQRP Italy, offered by Fabio Bonucci, IKØIXI. #
Remember the QRP frequencies for Region 1 (source GQRP Club). . 7,030 CW (USA Also uses 7.040) – 14.060 – 21,060 to 28,060. SSB 7090 to 14,285 – from 21,285 to 28,365.
For your calls, use the first frequency free from those reserved for the QRP from IARU.
Gianfranco ik0zme/kk4ezi
Roberto iz0rqf
Fabio ik0ixi / kf1b
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