Fiji and Rotuma Islands DXpedition

Between 20 September and 15 October 2013


Stan – LZ1GC Andy – LZ2HM Rocky – 3D2DD
will be QRV on 160-6m bands, using ALL MODES

as 3D2GC/P ,3D2RA

Your small donation

is more than welcome!

See you on the bands!

It is very expensive DX Pedition for me with total cost more than $7000. I was a part from 3D2R team in 2011.The main idea to be back to Rotuma island is to give a chance and QSO’s to those of You who need this rare country on the bands! I’ll QRV on CW & SSB on all HF bands!

See You on the bands !

73! Stan, LZ1GC ( also 3D2GC & 3D2GC/P )

Between 20 September 2013 and 15 October 2013 Stan (LZ1GC); Andy (LZ2HM) and Rocky (3D2DD )will be QRV on all HF bands (160-6 meters) – CW/SSB/DIGITAL from FIJI REPUBLIC – 3D2GC and ROTUMA ISL. – 3D2GC/P , 3D2RA and 3D2DD/P.
1. From 20 September 2013 until 26 September 2013 Stan (3D2GC ) will activity on all HF bands (160 – 6 meters ) from “Club Fiji Resort”, Nadi, Fiji Republic, Viti Levu Isl., IOTA OC-016, Grid. Loc . RH82QF. The activity will on CW/SSB/DIGITAL with equipment: Kenwood TS- 480 SAT + linear amplifier ACOM 1010/ACOM 1000. The antennas: EXP. GP 10- 40m., 80/160 meters INV. – L, GP.
2. From 27 September 2013 until 11 October 2013 Activity from IOTA OC-060, Rotuma Isl. – Stan 3D2GC/P will QRV on all HF bands, CW/SSB together with Andy, 3D2RA and Rocky, 3D2DD.
Rocky will also QRV, but only on SSB with call sign 3D2DD/P. Andy, 3D2RA will QRV on all HF bands, CW/SSB/DIGITAL and specially by EME on 6m band JT65A.
This DX Pedition will be available with the big help of Rocky, 3D2DD who take care for all organizations and transportation to Rotuma Island.
3. From 12 October 2013 until 15 October 2013 Activity again from Fiji Republic – 3D2GC. On 16 October 2013 Stan, LZ1GC will go back to Bulgaria.

160 1.822 1.838 1.838 – 1.838
80 3.510 3.788 3.588 3.728 3.578
60 – – – – –
40 7.007 7.088 7.038 7.038 7.038
30 10104 – 10.138 – 10.138
20 14.010 14.188 14.088 14238 14.078
17 18.070 18.148 18.108 – 18.108
15 21.010 21.288 21.088 21338 21.078
12 24.892 24.948 24.918 – 24.918
10 28.010 28.488 28.088 28.688 28.078
6 50.100 50.118 50.200

September 22th, 2013
Today Stan 3D2GC is active on 18070MHz CW. Listening 3-5 up. Please listen before to call him. He plan to pick up a 80m vertcal tomorrow morning.

September 21th, 2013
Stan 3D2GC is active on 7.007 and 10.104 CW. Listening 3-5 up.
Please listen before to call him.

September 20th ,2013
3D2GC is on the AIR …14014 Mhz up 3-5 CW NOW

September 18th ,2013
Today Stan LZ1GC depart from Sofia,Bulgaria .He expect to arrive to Nadi,Fiji in Friday
Sept.20th and will activate 3D2GC .

September 16th ,2013
After few days without communication with Rocky , he call us :
“Bula, Andy and Stan; ALL goods are on the Rotuma now …”

We are very grateful for new friends donation and also CDXC (Chilter DX Club)support .
We sincerely hope we can satisfy your needs! We are seeking additional Club and
Individual Sponsors to help us defray the costs of carrying out this DXpedition.
Donations can be made via the 3D2GC web page or
please send note to Andy n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ‘>3D2RA E-mail

September 10th ,2013
Today Rocky 3D2DD packed all gear into the suitcases and boxes
All heavy items are go! … yagies, generator, fuel,wires,pipes, ACOMs …
Together with local friends delivery and loaded on the ship to Rotuma.
We have much more equipment than we plan to take ( without radios and computers )
Rocky planed to delivery all goods in Rotuma and back with same ship to wait for us.
two days to Rotuma one day stay and two days back….

September 4th ,2013
This will be our location RH87NM.

September 3rd ,2013
After many months of careful planning, we are pleased to announce that our preparationsare going according to plan. Rotuma is located in the South Pacific Ocean and is #73 on Club Log’s most wanted DXCC list after big activity in 2011 from 3D2R.
Stan 3D2GC will fly a next week and will meet with Rocky 3D2DD in Fiji on September 20nd ,2013 and will wait for Andy 3D2RA to come and departing by fly to Rotuma on September 27th ,2013.
The main goals of this DXpedition are to work every amateur radio operator who needs Rotuma for a new DXCC country.
In addition, we will be active on all bands from 1.8 MHz to 144 MHz.
In addition to CW, SSB and RTTY we will be active on PSK, SSTV and EME.
Special attention will be made to work by EME on 50MHz on JT65A and on HF will look far away stations such as Europe and Africa during those periods when propagation permits. The propagation window for EU and Africa is very brief at times and signals may be weak, so we ask everyone in the honored HAM SPIRIT to stand by when asked so that we may fulfill this need. Our destination will have a wide range of options and possibilities.
We plan to upload our logs on a daily basis to our on-line log.
We will upload to LOTW approximately six months following the DXpedition.
We wish everyone good propagation and we hope that you enjoy working us on air :
Stan (3D2GC/P), Andy (3D2RA) and Rocky( 3D2DD).
Our specially thanks to Mr. Oms – PP5EG, ARAUCARIA DX GROUP and GERMAN DX FOUNDATION for their big financial support !!! Thanks to Lance,W7GJ that supported us with 6M8GJ antenna! We will never forgot it!
We are very grateful to Gold Print Service, Silpa Ltd, ACOM Ltd, Nipon DX Association, UKSMG, Danish DX Group and all of the Clubs and individuals who have provided monetary support for this Dxpedition. We sincerely hope we can satisfy your needs! At this time, we are seeking additional Club and Individual Sponsors to help us defray the costs of carrying out this DXpedition. Donations can be made via the 3D2GC web page .
At this time, we are seeking additional Club and Individual Sponsors to help us defray the costs of carrying out this DXpedition.

August 12th ,2013
The team of experienced amateur and friends Stan LZ1GC (3D2GC) ,Andy LZ2HM (3D2RA) and Rocky 3D2DD prepared a serious amateur expedition to the far island Rotuma, which belongs to the state Fiji, but it is very important for the amateur, because it counts as a separate country by DXCC list.
Our goal is to activate the beautiful island of Rotuma again in all amateur frequency from 1.8 MHz to 144 MHz and all amateur modes.Our team will work CW, SSB, FM, RTTY, SSTV, PSK,JT65A etc.
We plan to be active on 6m band thru the EME on JT65A .Thank you for great support from Lance W7GJ.
Andy 3D2RA will spent a more of his time to give chance on “Magic band” to catch our signal thru the Moon!!
Stan 3D2GC will be active from Fiji between September 20th ,2013 to September 26th,2013.
The team will gather at the September 26th in Fiji and expect a departure from airport of Nadi in September 27th ,2013.
The fly takes a few hours. We expect the first activity at amateur frequencies on 27th September 2013 evening and will be active the next 7-14 days.Returnto Fiji is expected October 11th, 2013 in the morning in the same fly where we came from.
Stan 3D2GC will stay few more days in Fiji from October 12th ,2013 to October 15th,2013.
We hope that the whole amateur world will enjoy the amateur activity and QSO’s with our team.

June 5th ,2013
After few months of work and preparation one more friend will come with us on the Rotuma Andy LZ2HM (3D2RA).
He will be active on all band but will spent more time on 50MHz for JT65A operation thru the EME .

March 10th ,2013
After few activity from South-Pacific like a member of 3D2R & 3D2C Teams , Stan LZ1GC(3D2GC) start to plan to go back in Rotuma Island together with his friend Rocky 3D2DD . Start to prepare some antennas and equipment to send to Fiji to Rocky for this expedition.

QSL info
3D2GC and 3D2GC/P QSL information is via LZ1GC / DIRECT or BUREAU /
The cost of POSTAGES for DIRECT QSL is 2.5 USD / 2.0 EURO.
If You have PAYPAL, please use it to send money for postages. Please use GIFT/PERSONAL option.Then I not need your QSL and please send me only QSO details for checking!

If You use LZ1GC QRZ.COM ADDRESS, then send your QSL, self addressed envelope + 1 IRC.
NOTE:Do not send US DOLLARS in the letter, because then I will never receive your letter !

3D2DD and 3D2DD/P op.Rocky QSL via INFO in QRZ.COM

3D2RA op.Andy QSL via INFO in QRZ.COM