ID9Y, Salina Island, EU-017

Dx Pedition Salina Island 3/6 Oct. 2013

Why is this mini-peditions right?

The goal is to operate from an IOTA island without having to go too far from home and without spending too much. Salina island is very close and easy to reach!

Those who, like me, have already operated from a IOTA know that it doesn’t matter if Salina is low in the most-wanted list; we are sure that the pile-ups will be there and the fun will be assured.

Just like the big Dxpeditions, we have created a dedicated website for this next activity of ours, without any pretension but with great desire to make things right. The period chosen is the low season, when the “hordes” of tourists have left the island to ourselves.

For some it will be an ON AIR “baptism” from a IOTA: the beginning of a harmony that will lead us to further adventures …

Nome del Gruppo: Eolie Islands
Prefisso : ID9
Località: 38.33N – 38.87N / 14.25E – 15.33E

Salina Island

Salina is an island in the Aeolian Islands (Italian: Isole Eolie, Sicilian:Ìsuli Eoli) north of Sicily, southern Italy. It is the second largest island in the archipelago.

Salina is divided between three comuni: Santa Marina on the eastern coast, Malfa to the north, and Leni to the south-west. From Leni down towards the sea is the village of Rinella, Sicily. Above the village of Leni is Valdichiesa in the center of the island. The other smaller villages are Capo Faro, Pollara and Lingua.

There are currently approximately 4,000 residents living on the island.

QSL Info


Via IK8YFU – Via Pio La Torre n.79
89024 Polistena (RC) ITALY


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