S9v43 Vertical Antenna


S9v43 Vertical Antenna


The S9v43 is a heavy-duty, telescoping, self-supporting fiberglass vertical designed for Amateur Radio use from 80 through 6 meters. The S9v43 weighs under 9 pounds, making it the lightest tall vertical on the market.
The S9v43 is just over 42′ tall and has the same 50 Ohm resonant frequency of 5.44 MHz as some traditional 43′ telescoping aluminum verticals.
The S9v43 must be ground-mounted using a 54-inch section of standard 1-1/2″ galvanized plumbing pipe (1.9″ max OD – not provided). The S9v43 base tube simply slips over the pipe for a simple and elegant deployment. (A mechanical connection from the antenna base tube to the pipe is neither required nor desired.) A stainless steel pipe mount clamp is included with the antenna to keep the base of the antenna off of the ground.
The antenna requires a manual or automatic antenna tuner either in your shack or remotely located at the antenna feed point. (Most internal rig auto tuners do not have adequate range to match the high impedances presented by S9v43′ at various HF frequencies.) 
In addition to great HF performance, the S9v43 offers surprisingly performance on the 6 meter band, assuming your antenna tuner covers 6 meters. In casual testing, a ground-mounted S9v43 with an efficient radial ground system consistently outperformed a mono-band 6 meter Slim Jim elevated at 40 feet. With the S9v43, you will enjoy solid local 6 meter coverage plus the thrill and excitement of 6 meter DX when Sporadic E propagation occurs.
Using a weatherproofed remote antenna tuner at the S9v 43 feed point ensures absolute lowest signal loss and best overall multi-band performance. 
For optimum performance, the S9v43 should be used with at least 16 radials (32 preferred), with each radial at least 0.2 wavelength at the lowest operating frequency. If you have the time and resources, 32 or more radials at least 0.2 wavelength long (or longer) should be considered.
There is no precise formula to calculate the length of ground-mounted radials because everyone has different soil and soil tends to change the electrical length of the radials. That said, the following table contains suggested lengths for 0.2 wavelength radial wires:
Band Frequency Minimum Radial Length
160 Meters 1.8 MHz 104 feet long
80 Meters 3.5 MHz 53.5 feet long (53 feet, 6 inches)
40 Meters 7 MHz 26.75 feet long (26 feet, 9 inches)
Loading coils to extend the range of the antenna can be built by the user. The 160M coil is 21 turns of #12 AWG insulated wire on a 5″ PVC coupler. The 80M coil is 8 turns on a 4″ PVC coupler.
It is highly recommend that you use the optional S9RP Aluminum Radial Plate to connect and organize your ground radials. The radial plate is also used to provide the critical ground connection for the coax shield, unun, balun or remote antenna tuner.


Weighs Under 9 Pounds – Fast and Simple Deployment
Covers 80 – 6 Meters
1500 Watts Rated Power
80 and 160 Meter Coverage with User made Coil
Legal Limit Power Rating
Telescoping Fiberglass with Stainless Steel Screws
Self-Supporting – No Guys
No Expensive Mount to Buy
Includes Stainless Steel Pipe Mount Clamp
No Lossy Traps or Coils
Collapses to 58″
Unique, Double Insulated Design – Safe for Children and Pets
No Corrosion; Completely Weather-Proof
No Hose Clamps or Messy Joint Chemicals Required
“Neighbor-Friendly” Forest Green Finish