180-foot radio tower comes down during storms in Russiaville

13 WTHR Indianapolis
Wind gusts of up to 100 mph brought down a 180-foot communications tower in downtown Russiaville in Howard County early Thursday morning.
The tower came down at Union and Stewart Streets, coming to rest on an RV dealership and damaging several vehicles as well as the building.
Steve Jones owns the business, and he spoke to Eyewitness News Sunrise about what happened.
The radio tower is used for broadband internet service as well as ambulance and police communications in the area. Jones and his wife run Start of the Art Communications, which is the internet company that the tower services. Local ambulance services and the Howard County Dispatch Center also have equipment on the tower. It also was part of a repeater system used for the local SkyWarn network for amateur radio operators….READ MORE

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180-foot radio tower comes down during storms in Russiaville