DX-ing Friendship around the World

My unique and pleasant hobby is communicating through a radio transceiver, it was adopted from my father’s CB back on early 1980’s. I was remember at that time i also loved to hear a broadcast radio from Radio Nederland and BBC London on Shortwave frequencies. Later then i knew that it was a Short Wave Listener (SWL) activities. It was so nice hearing any news from all around the world through the shortwave radio (on my home we called it as four-bander radio). Unfortunately, when i became a student of junior high school these amazing activities faded away.

when walked around London Bridge, late 90s

When i joined amateur radio organization in my country (ORARI) to get a license, i was still  remember when the first time talked to DX station from VK, 9M2 and JA on  40 Meters HF band. Not bad for me while i was using wire dipole, very simple antenna and low power only 80 watts came out of my transceiver. Got some DX station as put them on your logbook, also open the chance to get know each other beside only the name and call signs. They loved when you heard their signal and make a call. Especially when you call their names and knew few things about them. You both might became a closed friend. I was dreaming to visit my amateur radio friends on their homeland, because i loved traveling and backpacking.

Backpacking over the Naminara and Jeju Island, HL 2013

When i took a state examination for upgraded to Advanced class (YC), i also joined a social media group of my local DX operators. They were inspired me for get some prestigious DX awards. Well, my new YC license was a brilliant way to grant my extended right for the new band privilege, 15 Meters and 10 Meters for sure. I was a lousy slow-motion DX chaser, not so hurry as my other friends did for achieving their awards. It took years until i got DXCC awards finally.

YC0OST meet JP3AYQ Mayumi Sanada (far left), JA3AER Taizo Arakawa (far right) and others @Osaka Winter 2015

Few pictures attached here when i was visiting Seoul, South Korea and Japan coast land. I met JA3AER Taizo Arakawa, JP3AYQ Mayumi “Mami” Sanada and his beloved hubby Sanny, they both helped me a lot when i was traveling around Osaka and Kyoto in Japan, 2015 (picture above). Special occasion with my wife happened when traveled to Seoul, South Korea, 2013. Gladly i met DS2CYI, Kwon Dae-Gum, he just came over to my rent apartment in Seoul City with his wife and we were walked nearby to get a dinner (picture below).

Meet DS2CYI @Seoul
YC0OST meet DS2CYI Kwon Dae Geum @Seoul 2013

Several years after i got my Advanced license and DX-ing on 15 Meters, then i got many new friends from JA, HL, VR2, BY, 3W, DE, SV, and many more. Met them on the air, few short conversation, sharing stories and sending e-mail each other also sharing contact address. Gladly, i met some of them on my way while i was visiting their countries. I got a wonderful experience while met them, some of them offered kindly help and assistance, took me around for tourist site, and so on. DX-ing activities not only bring me to get some DXCC awards, but also get me some nice friends from all around the World.

YC0OST backpacking around Malaysia

It was so nice to have them as my Global Friends, make a mutual friendship between us would help make a better world. Luckily, i have so many golden ticket to traveling overseas with my wife and we both loved it. We did not spend a lot of money for our trip, because we are a budgeted traveler. But you need to know for saving your money in case something happened is a must.

I won’t be patient to wait for another trip then i will share my journey… another story beside DX-ing.

CU around guys, 73

Irsan – YC0OST