YE2C “Not just a Battle Contest Station..”

YE2C 2014 CQWW SSB Team Operator

YE2C, one of the prestigious YB Land Battle Contest Station founded by YB2TX, OM Agus Wibisono which is located on Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. YE2C is proudly as well known as ORARI Central Java Contest Team and supported by ORARI Local Semarang area and ORARI Region Central Java at present.

Center of YE2C Battle Contest Station

An unique fact from this Contest Team, even mostly team member came from surround area of Semarang, but few member came from another Call Area or province such as DKI Jakarta and East Java. It is happened when they took apart of the 2014 CQWW SSB DX Contest, when two team member whom were recruited, YC0OST and YE3AA, they both are non-local operators.

YC0OST, non -local operator on YE2C @CQWW SSB 2014

YE2C Contest Station was hardly struggling with the effort to socialize DX interest within amateur radio friends around Semarang city and nearby cities. At the moment, they probably might reorganize the personnel and planned to show up on next contest. Who knows?

video courtesy of yb2ecg

But the mostly important, what they did to spread the spirit of contest among amateur radio friends in Central Java should be appreciated so much. YE2C were striving the best to educate and create more team member on the year ahead. We were familiar with another YB Land Battle Contest Station such as YE2A (formerly known YE2R in the past), YB1C from West Java or YE0X from DKI Jakarta, they were supremely awesome on several contest. Sure they all succeeded winning some achievement and awards, and we also hopefully expecting YE2C to go onward and do their excellent performance.

Good Luck YE2C!


Irsan – YC0OST