YE2A, A World Class DX Contest Team

Grobogan DX Contest Team (Grobex Team)

Many amateur radio friend says Grobex from Grobogan Expert, maybe expertise in DX-ing .. Wow!  Their story began during CQWW SSB 2009 when the first debut started as YE2R until 2013, then 2014 they got new call sign station as YE2A. Both YE2R and YE2A is located at OM Hans YB2DX QTH in Purwodadi-Grobogan, Central Java. Every year the Grobex Contest Team joined World Contests and  finally they were surprisingly earn highest raw score in CQWW SSB Contest 2016 as 2664 QSOs or totally 3.543.975 points.

Their last fighting on contest were absolutely the toughest one, otherwise it was an excellent achievement on the entire history of YE2A. While the propagation was definitely worst and unfriendly, YE2A Team still having their high-spirited along 2 x 24 hours collecting QSOs.

The raw score result is determined their brave action and become 1st rank in Oceania beaten VK, ZL or KH2 domination for Multi-Single Operator category.

It is not just because coincidentally, however YE2A team work was successfully well-prepared every gears they had to win the contest battle. Good Luck YE2A for CQWW CW Contest incoming soon.

YE2A Lifetime Achievement

CQWW CW Category Multi-One, Score = 4.839.200   Result : Oceania # 2
ASEAN (XZ HS XW XU 3W 9M 9V V85 YB DU) #1, Indonesia # 1 ( New Record )

CQWW SSB Category Multi-One, Score = 5.113.648  Result : Oceania # 2
ASEAN (XZ HS XW XU 3W 9M 9V V85 YB DU) #1, Indonesia # 1 ( New Record )

CQWW SSB Category Multi-One , Score = 3.155.328  Result : Oceania # 4
ASEAN (XZ HS XW XU 3W 9M 9V V85 YB DU) # 1, Indonesia # 1 ( New Record )


 YE2A CQWW SSB Contest 2016 :