YB Land Won Three Plaques CQWPX Contest



Indonesian contesters was successfully won three plaques in CQWW SSB Contest 2016. They were also the member of YB Land DX Club : Karsono ‘Endut’ Suyanto –YB0NDT, Yohannes Budhiono -YB2DX and Vector Aliendry -YB5BOY.

OM Endut was currently well known as a Contest Coordinator of YB Land DX Club and mostly had some nice idea to support local DXers and Contesters from YB Land.

OM Vector Aliendry was an avid DXer and Contester who is now actively working on new Padang DX Contest on this year and also initiate some awesome way to make his dream come true. Lastly, OM Hans were also a famous team leader of last great battle contest station YE2R from Central Java (now it is become YE2A).

Very proud and excellent achievement of Indonesian Contesters, yet we still encouraging more amateur radio from local to learn how to joining the DX Contest and love it as usual.

Therefore we such expecting more young generation in the future for DXing and Contesting. Many young DX contester from Indonesia will striving their best to earn so much experience and joy!

73 – YC0OST