The Green Stamps, a Brief Note of YC0QR



As far as i knew, if there is mistakes please my apologize and might need some corrections.

  1. Green Stamps (GS) : these are not such a real stamps but a slank idiom for US$ notes, apparently in $1 (one buck) as a replacement for a mail stamp cost. A green as primary color for the $1 note (on the back side). So 1 GS=$1, 2 GS=$2 and so on. Some of my friends wrote the Green Stamps improperly with “Grand Stamp”.
  2. International Reply Coupon (IRC) : Coupon was issued as a replacement of Mail Stamps costs. At the time we would like to send a postmail to overseas, then we should bring these IRC to Main Post Office and they will exchange with stamps as much as the Mail Cost to the country.
  3. Self Addressed Envelope (SAE) : An envelope with our name and address written inserted into a regular envelope which is to be sent to the destination. Therefore the recipient will reply easier and avoid false address. SAE is usually came along with Green Stamps or IRC attached, depending on conditions proposed.

Self Addressed Stamp Envelope (SASE) : An envelope within our name and full address written already also stamped with exact nominal as post mail cost to overseas. SASE are commonly used for the recipient and the sender of the letter in similar country, because the stamps should be issued from where the country’s post mail came from, in example : YC0QR sent QSL Card with SASE to YC0OST, they both are Indonesians and using Indonesian Stamps. But, sometimes, it could happened like this, YC0QR would like to send QSL card to PD1SA with SASE, using new PA stamps that YC0QR bought from the Philatelist Community in Jakarta. Indeed, some person have had to send SASE from different country, as similar YC0QR did it above.

Hope it might be useful for our knowledge later.

Thank you and have a nice holiday!

Source and originally written by Hendro S. Joedho, YC0QR  (YBDXC #046)

(from FB Indonesian DXer Community’s group)