9M4IOTA DXpedition AS – 046


Tioman Island, AS – 046 IOTA Expedition

Malaysian amateur radio friends from Kuala Lumpur DX Team had been operating 9M4IOTA station of Tioman Island’s IOTA Expedition (AS-046), on March 3- 5, 2017. The beautiful island and a well known tourism resort located 20 miles off the east coast of Pahang state territory of Malaysia https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TWFZf5NJahc

They were also supported by EAntenna, because of their antenna product was used by the team. It was a successfully expedition from my point of view and i was working them only in 40 Meter band just two days ago. It is surprised me when i was running only 5 watts with a wire dipole, because i had some experiment in digital interface with my best buddy, YB2VMC and my radio transceiver was set-up very low power (5 watts!). I just call them twice and i did it.


Tahniah guys! Mission is accomplished.

73 de YC0OST