QSL-ing your First Priority


At the time, we are managing a single confirmation on our QSO with DX station, so the options are as follow:
1. Sending our QSL card plus another requested requirement – SAE plus Green Stamps/IRC direct to DX Station’s address or the QSL Manager.
2. Sending our QSL through the Bureau.
3. OQRS Online QSL Request Service if it is available in those DX station facility.
4. LoTW free in charge facility, also used as both sides are LoTW users.

I have ever did those four different way, only one thing i missed: eQSL. Every single QSL-ing that i had before are Valid, but if we does have thinking awhile especially from the DX-pedition itself. DX-pedition to a one difficult and far away single entity whatsoever must have very expensive cost and occasionally risks the operator safety as well as their radio and equipments.

We might have read a great DX-pedition to Malpelo, which the sea was covered by the Hammmerhead Sharks and very hard to climb up to the location, meanwhile BS7H/Scarborough Reef operator were staying and QRV on a small platform above the coral reef which had so many sea snakes, the sea bandits, cold windy weather which could make sickness for a night shift operator.

What a sad story of OM Vladimir Bykov – UA4WHX which was so closely thrown out to the sea and robbed by pirates from Mozambique, while he made a cross from Malawi. Luckily he was survived. Truly some of DX-pedition funding was given from internasional DX Club, also personal donations even supported from famous and popular HAM radio, antenna as well as other brands such as Icom, Yaesu, Create, Stepp-IR etc. But, so many DX-pedition costs mostly covered by themselves.

Fairly enough to get confirmed/QSL from a single DX-pedition, especially rare entity, hardest and highly costs – what should we do to use a simple way to help funding the DX-pedition itself – OQRS or send directly to their QSL Manager with Green Stamps inserted in the envelope as requested. Hopefully, we could add some donations like OM Har – YB0MWM and other friends did a long time ago. Another opportunity that we will receive a rare entity paper QSL for sure, not just only confirmation note.
Those are just my two cents from me, folks. Good DX…!!

73 – Hendro,YC0QR

Originally written by Hendro S.J YC0QR
Translated to English by Irsan YC0OST