YB Land DX Club supports BCJARF 2017

Dear YB Contesters,

YB Land DX Club ( YBDXC )is proudly support Borobudur Central Java Amateur Radio Fair BCJARF 2017, it will be located near Borobudur Temple at Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia, on next August 25 – 27, 2017.
Therefore, our YBDXC Headquarter already joined the preparation for traveling there and planned to help our friends also members whom were involved with the event organizers, create a workshop or seminar about DXing and others. We also being invited to share our new DX Contest event, YB DX Contest 2018 to our HAM fellow in Central Java as well as the BCJARF participants.
Several Foreign DXers already committed to join with local operator for a Special Call of YB67JTG to celebrating Borobudur Central Java Amateur Radio Fair 2017.

Please support BCJARF 2017

73 de YC0OST