YB72RI/6 Signal Report From San Jose

Good Morning All,

F (MHz): 7.015.00
Date: 10/Aug.2017
Time: 14:55 Z, 7:55 am, (P.D.S.T.)
Mode: CW
RST: 559/QSB (signal peaks)
Conditions were very poor into the San Francisco Bay Area.
Station heard: YB72RI/6

Summary/Suggestion: YB72RI/6 recognized only two letters (AA) of my call.Suggestion: QSY UP to
7.026.00MHz so US Amateurs Advanced and General Class licenses can work your stations.Split operation is another alternative.Only extra class station licenses can operate below 7.025 MHz in the USA.

Call: WB6AAJ
Op. : Mr. Kelly C. Tuttle
1825 Walnut Grove Ave.
San Jose, CA 95126-1337
Grid Zone: CM97bh
[We are about a 20 minute
walk south of Santa Clara
University] Rig: Kenwood TS590-S
Ant: Home brew 40 m inverted vee
up abt. 23′ at apex.
Output power(watts): 100

Congratulations on 72 years as a Republic.

75/73 to all,

Kelly C. Tuttle