“CQ Satellite” ORARI South Jakarta

On August 12, 2017, ORARI Local South Jakarta (Operation & Techinical Division) was organizing a tactical workshop to learn and know how about AMSAT or Amateur Radio Satellite and making an antenna for doing QSO within Satellite elapse through YB land.

Moxon Antenna is a suitable antenna for this workshop project and the participants did some experiments as well as hunting the Satellite based on their schedule.

It was an awesome one to see their spirit and anthusiasm about calling CQ on Satellite. Some of them were succeeded to made a QSO within YB Land or DX station 9M/9W and most of all done their project. They were sitting together outside the Club Station of ORARI South Jakarta and showing their ability to passed the whole program.


Thanks to OM Dirgantara Rahadian YE0EEE our guest speaker to explain about AMSAT and their activity,  Special Thanks to OM Moha YD0NQJ and Reyhan YD0RWL for a solid teamwork organized to make this event happened officially in ORARI South Jakarta. We were so glad and thankfully everything was running smoothly.



CU next time

73 de YC0OST