AmateurLogic 2019 New Year’s Eve live stream incident

This is the raw, unedited video from the New Years Eve 2019 live stream. It is over 6 hours long contains plenty of bloopers and mishaps (the kind of stuff you’ve come to expect from us). The first 2 hours are a replay of an earlier episode and the team getting set up to go.
The live show actually began around the 2:13:30 mark.

Appearances by:
George Thomas, W5JDX
Tommy Martin, N5ZNO
Emile Diodene, KE5QKR
Andy Anderson, AA0WX
Laird Nigel P Lawrence, G0MEJ/KG0PL
Dan Vanevenhoven, N9LVS
Ray Novak, N9JA
Peter Berrett, VK3PB
Amanda Alden, K1DDN
Jeff Carrier, K0JDX

[embedded content]