Yahoo Groups shutdown – Radio ham preserves archives

ARRL reports that on hearing of the Yahoo Groups shutdown Andy Majot K5QO took the initiative to download archives of Yahoo Groups devoted to individual amateur radio gear and upload them to his website

“I hope to have them hosted in perpetuity for future hams to use,” Majot told ARRL. “It should be noted that I backed up groups regardless of whether they are living on in other platforms; I wanted to snapshot the groups as they were on Yahoo prior to their deletion.” Majot noted that several of the groups he has archived have already migrated their content to, but many more have not.

Majot said an organization called Archive Team is helping to save as many Yahoo Groups as possible and has been backing these up since the closure announcement in October, but, Majot said, progress has nearly halted since Yahoo cut off access to many group features in mid-December.

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Ham radio gear – Yahoo Groups archive

Archive Team