Cuban special event

Members of the DX Group of Cuba will celebrating the 15th anniversary of a Mexican homologous organization and the founding of the DXXE Group.

The DX Group of Cuba will activate the special event station T40DXXE between January 20-31st.

Activity will be on CW, SSB and FT8 on various HF bands with the best propagation when the operators have free time as it allows.

Whoever manages to contact the station on at least three bands, regardless of mode, will receive a special certificate in digital format.
The DXXE Group encourages radio activity during inter-national competitions, expeditions, island activations, as well as experimentation with new technologies applied to radio communications. On the other hand, it grants the “DXXE Diploma” to those who demonstrate having contacted at least three members of the group.

The DXXE brings together renowned Mexican operators and others from the countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia. There will be other celebrations for this anniversary as well as other special event stations from South America, Mexico, Spain, Canary Islands and France being added throughout the year. For more details and QSL route, see

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