2020 IOTA Dinner at Visalia International DX Convention

Will, WC6DX, Visalia IOTA Dinner Coordinator, reports:
Greetings, IOTA friends — The 25th annual IOTA Dinner at this year’s International DX Convention in Visalia, California will be held on Friday, April 24th, 2020.

If you have activated an IOTA during 2019 and might like to be a speaker, e-mail me privately. I’m planning the program now.

If you missed last year’s dinner, the speakers included KO8SCA presenting his and VE3LYC’s expeditions to TX0M OC-297 (New) Morane I. and TX0A OC-113 Maria Est; K9AJ presented his and KD6WW’s expedition to /VY0 NA-207 Fafard I.; and a presentation and video sent by UA9KDF and UA1QV on the RI0B expedition to the four rare Arctic Islands of AS-054, AS-087, AS-104 and AS-121.

DX visitors included Bernhard/DL2GAC, Bo/OX3LX and his QSL Manager
Joergen/OZ0J, Tom/SM3DMP and Börje/SA3AAY, plus numerous North American IOTA activators that you have worked with many IOTA expeditions under their belt,

We will be celebrating a quarter century of IOTA Dinners … plan to join us ! Another announcement will be made when reservations begin.