6th Anniversary of first Skills Night

On Monday, January 20, 2014 the first of the hugely popular monthly amateur radio Skills Nights took place at Danbury in Essex

The concept for the Skills Night was created by Pete M0PSX, with input and support from Jim 2E0RMI, Clive G1EUC and Sarah M6PSK.

The idea started life as “Foundation Plus” in 2012, where newcomers to the hobby would be able to to meet to discuss next-steps, and to fill in the gaps left by the Foundation course.

After one local club passed on the idea of a monthly Foundation Plus event, Pete was encouraged to pitch the concept to the Chelmsford ARS, who’s training team adopted the concept, with some modifications to encompass all licence-levels. Thanks to Clive Ward G1EUC, sadly no longer with us and much-missed, for his support of, and dedication to, the event.

The first event was held on January 20, 2014, hosted by the Chelmsford ARS training team. Originally known as “Skills Workshop”,  the event went on to attract an average of between 50 and 90 people per night from Essex, Kent, Suffolk, London and beyond in its first 3 years.

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