Irsan Oeste

YC0OST Licensed Amateur Radio, Freelance Writer, Hypno Healer, Training Organizer, Avid Traveler

CQ-ing, another side of story

CQing “Buka Warung” indonesian idioms for ‘Open the Store’, means someone who are an amateur radio operator waiting for being called by DX stations over the world. The procedure is standard as well known as Frequency which been used should have monitored for awhile. If we were noticed the frequency …

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YBDXC Medals, Are You the Winner?

Dear YBDXC Friends, I am pleased to announce the good news from OM Karsono YB0NDT to present a very unique item as a souvenir for every YBDXC colleague whom are joining: CQWW DX Contest 2016 mode RTTY (September 24-25th, 2016 ), CQ WW DX Contest SSB (October 29-30th 2016 ) …

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DX-ing Dilemma

DX-ing Dilemma Listen, listen & listen – when we are exactly calling the DX station? It means we should know the DX callsign, what is he said or asked for? – Is he CQing directly to beaming on specific target (continent, entity, number, zone dll) or directly to call someone’s …

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Indonesian DX Contester increased gladly on CQWPX

As mentioned on CQWPX database statistic showing us the amazing facts about number of ¬†Indonesian Contester are increased surprisingly year by year.. 134 logs listed and it is a biggest number of DX contestant from a single country even the whole continent of Oceania.. YBDXC always trying hard and do …

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YBDXC Renewal Plaque on CQWW DX SSB Contest

Dear member YB Land DX Club… Let me telling you once that i already transfering a payment for our Club Plaque renewal of CQWW DX SSB Contest, Single Operator All Band High Power -ASEAN Winner category by paypal. The plaque for five years duration from 2017 until 2021. I wanna …

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Congratulation for the New YBDXC Headquarter

Congratulation for our newly YB Land DX Club Headquarter elected for the year 2016 – 2021 : YB1TJ Djoko Maryono Susilo (President), YB0AI Taufan Prioutomo (Secretary), YB2TX Agus Wibisono (Treasurer), YB0NDT Karsono ‘Endut’ Suyanto (Contest Coordinator), YB8RW Syariefudin ‘Din’ Syah (DX/IOTA Expedition), YD4IRS Robby Sandes (IT/Webmaster), YB2ECG Sardjana ‘Jon’ (Public …

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