Eyeball QSO

Agustus, 2016

  • 9 Agustus

    Pokemon Hunting, eh Fox Hunting!

      Ini cerita para “bujangan” yang terdampar di sebuah pantai. Sengaja “mendamparkan” diri untuk mendapatkan sehat jiwa dan raga. Silaturahmi tujuan utama, dan gelak tawa diantara kami adalah sesuatu yang biasa. Ini cerita para ‘bujangan” ketika mencari Pokemon… eh, Mbok Enom.… wealah, bukan! Maksudnya nyari Fox, rubah yang

Juli, 2016

  • 19 Juli

    YBDXC Gala Dinner

    YBDXC Gathering @ Mercure Hotel, Ancol Jakarta, August 6, 2016 18.00 – 23.00 Gala Dinner, booked 58 person already, free of charge Still Available 1. Free of Charge, for 17 seat 2. Charge 230K/person for 25 seat Total 100 seat Registration 13.00 – 15.00 at YBDXC tent on JARF Valid …

  • 15 Juli

    JARF 2016

    www.jarf2016.com   Counting down to the Big Day Big National Event.. The 6th to the 7th of August 2016.. The annual Jakarta Amateur Radio Fair 2016 @ Ancol.. Website is now ready at www.jarf2016.com.. The English Version is coming soon.. Please mark your Calendar for this upcoming mega event and …

  • 5 Juli

    DX-ing Friendship around the World

    My unique and pleasant hobby is communicating through a radio transceiver, it was adopted from my father’s CB back on early 1980’s. I was remember at that time i also loved to hear a broadcast radio from Radio Nederland and BBC London on Shortwave frequencies. Later then i knew that …

  • 5 Juli

    Awesome Eyeball QSO

    Have you seen your amateur radio friends before? or you just met him or her during contest? or while you are CQ-ing in the early morning? Someone was drop by on your frequency and you both are talking each other. It is hardly can say if your fellow HAM are …