HAM News

Januari, 2020

  • 16 Januari

    AM Rally 2020 Gets Under Way on February 1

    01/15/2020 The fourth annual AM Rally operating event will take place February 1 – 3 (UTC). The annual AM Rally encourages all operators to explore amateur radio’s original voice mode by showcasing the various types of AM equipment in use today, ranging from early vacuum-tube rigs to the newest SDR-based …

  • 15 Januari

    Virgin Orbit plans flight test of LauncherOne rocket in February

    Virgin Orbit, AMSAT’s launch for RadFxSat-2/Fox-1E, has announced they expect to have their first test launch of LauncherOne, their airborne-launched rocket, sometime in the second half of February.The LauncherOne rocket is carried on the VO 747 Cosmic Girl aircraft. If this first test flight is successful RadFxSat-2/Fox-1E is planned for …

  • 15 Januari

    Point Amour contest operation

    Chris VE3FU, Dave VE9CB, and Frank VO1HP will be active as VO2AC,VO2AAA, and VO1HP/VO2 from the lighthouse Point Amour/Labrador in Canada (CQ zone 2). QRV from the 20th to 26th, including the CQ WW 160m Contest (as VO2AC). QSL for VO2AC via VE3FU (d/B), VO2AAA via VE9CB, VO1HP/VO2 via VO1HP; …

  • 15 Januari

    Ofcom fines Post Office £175,000 for overcharging for relay telephone calls

    Ofcom has fined Post Office £175,000 after an investigation found the company overcharged people with hearing or speech impairments who made telephone calls using a relay service. Relay services help people with hearing and speech difficulties communicate with anyone over the phone by offering text-to-speech and speech-to-text translation. Our rules …

  • 15 Januari

    LUSAT 30th anniversary

    Members of AMSAT Argentina (LU7AA) celebrate the 30th anniversaryof the LUSAT (LO-19) satellite between Jan. 18 and 26 on HF on SSB,FT8, CW. An award is available as well. QSL via LU7AA (d), eQSL. See:http://lu4aao.org/lu7aa/cert_30_aniv_lusat_2020.htmhttp://amsat.org.ar/certlusat30.htm

  • 15 Januari

    Peter Glasmacher, DK5DC – SK

    With deep sadness DXNL has to report the passing of Peter, DK5DCduring the night of Jan. 11/12. He was known as editor of the DX column “CQDL DXtra” in DARC’s magazine. Furthermore, he was active as a DXCC Field Checker in Germany and he was the sitting chair of the …

  • 15 Januari

    ARRL On the Air Podcast Premieres on January 16

    01/14/2020 ARRL’s new On the Air podcast for those just getting started on their amateur radio journey, will debut this Thursday, January 16, with a new podcast posted each month. The podcast is a companion to the new bimonthly On the Air magazine, which is already on its way to …

  • 15 Januari

    Germany Special Event Recognizes Anniversary of SDR Development

    01/14/2020 The Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (DARC) this year is honoring 35 years of software-defined radio (SDR) technology with special call sign and special DOK. “In order to acknowledge the high importance of digital signal processing for communications technology in general, and amateur radio in particular, a special event station …

  • 15 Januari

    Sultan of Oman Qaboos Bin Said, A41AA, SK

    01/14/2020 The Sultan of Oman Qaboos Bin Said, A41AA, died on January 10. He was 79. The Diwan of the Royal Court has declared 3 days of mourning, with the flag flown at half-mast for the next 40 days. The sultan was the patron and sponsor of the Royal Omani …

  • 15 Januari

    Tragic Drowning Cuts Short DXpedition to Rotuma

    01/14/2020 DXer Antoine “Tony” N’Yeurt, 3D2AG, reported over the weekend that his 11-year-old son had died in an accidental drowning in Rotuma. 3D2AG had been active in a DXpedition on Rotuma — the 58th most-wanted DXCC entity, according to Club Log. No details of the incident are available. N’Yeurt resides on Fiji …